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4 reasons why Transformers games basically always suck

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Since the eighties we have been hoping for awesome Transformers games and it wasn’t until the release of Transformers: War for Cybertron that we finally got what we deserved: a good game. Almost every Transformers game until that time failed to impress. We have listed the four main reasons why most Transformers games suck.

1. Hasbro

In the eighties and early nineties Hasbro tried to develop games. This resulted in some really, really, REALLY, crappy video games. Even when they hired experienced developers to make the games for them the result were still underwhelming. The fact is that in basically the first two decades of the Transformers franchise, there were no decent video games.

2. Licensing

A big problem for the Transformers games is licensing. These games are always based on a television series or a movie. The first good game was released in 2004. Transformers Armada: Prelude to Energon was based on the animated series, but all other Transformers games failed to make a lasting impression. Licensing means a minimal budget, a lack of time and a forced release date. This is likely to result in boring gameplay, a lack of creativity and even a buggy video game.

3. Enemies

When we are talking about Autobots and Decepticons, we have to realize that their numbers aren’t infinite. In most of the television shows there are just a few characters per season that are important to the story. So when a developer makes an action game based on these robots, he will need to add lots of generic cannon fodder. As we’ve seen over the years it’s incredibly hard to make enemies that are actually fun to fight.

4. Toys

When we talk about Optimus Prime, most gamers over the age of 25 will refer to the Generation 1 version. Most of the games however are based on newer versions of the Transformers so Hasbro can promote their toys. This also gives the development team a very strict deadline. Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron were awesome, but very linear games. If only we had a Transformers game developed separate from all other activities by Hasbro.

Maybe that’s why we are so excited about Transformers Devastation. There’s no tie-in with a recent movie, toy or tv-series. It is based on the beloved Generation 1 Transformers and the game is being made by a studio with an excellent reputation. We hope that Hasbro gave Platinum Games the freedom to make the Transformers game we’ve been craving for since 1984.


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  1. My favorite Transformers game is the wii one it was called cybertron adventures the first one that is in the video

  2. Transformers The Game was one of the best games I’ve ever played IMO.

  3. I played FOC and the dark spark before and I liked it

  4. Transformers the game
    in PS2 the best Transformers game i think

  5. They have to remake transformers cybertron Bc that was the best transformers game ever made

  6. If you're gonna make a rant video than at least get your things right

  7. If you were to out revenge of the fallen for the PS3 on here

    I would need someone to hold my beer

  8. You don’t know what you’re talking about those games were great wfc was great so was foc

  9. The best transformers games are: 2,3 and fall of cybertron.

  10. The android transformers game sucks too much than 90s games

  11. Hey, The best transformers videogames that I ever played was Fall of Cybertron and Devastation in my opinion

  12. There's no problem with with the games you're just a hater

  13. But sadly no more tf games maybe cus of the person talikn

  14. The real reason why you hate them, is maybe because you keep losing :/

  15. Most of them suck because they were unpolished trash cash grabs. So instead of just giving a 10 year license to any publisher they should give them a certain number of games (like a trilogy) they can make so they have enough time to make the game that they wanna make the way they wanna make it.

  16. Bro transformers rise of the dark spark is lit bro I have played it seven times and I know the skills and stradegy already is amazing but I decided to try other games aswell hehe

  17. I hate you you bich stop making videos

  18. Me: listens to the intro music
    Also me: welcome back to this week on the internet

  19. Fuck this video the transformer the game is really fun with the story line if you don't like it then don't ruin it and all the games you said is good like for 19 century games man are you old or something.

  20. Transformers the game was pretty good at that time

  21. Bruh the game's were good like if you don't like them Don't do a video on them

  22. you can tell this person knows nothing about transformers like did they even play the cybertron games?

  23. I agree that many Transformers games are not good, but not to mention that at least War of Cybertron or Fall of Cybertron is not good, it is because the person is very stupid or is very retarded

  24. Forget it. Im making a game that's a cross between robo recall and transformers and will be a totally different story and has nothing to do with Optimus Prime and his crew vs megatron and his crew

  25. I would love a survival oriented transformers game

  26. Seeing the movie then playing the game is so disappointing, hopefully one day they make it like the movies, it would be siiiick.

  27. War/Fall of Cybertron is a real badass Transformer Game in this planet we lived in!!

  28. Seriously I know this is your opinion and I’m gonna be nice but the community of the games is coming after you 😂😂😂

  29. they need to make new open world transformers game.

  30. Always is a stretch, what’s awful is your voice

  31. An open world transformers game in Cybertron would be insane, now that we have all the resources to make it possible but that won’t happen.

  32. This bitch doesn't even know what she's talking about

  33. don't slander hasbro, they made great games like cod and those xbox 360 games were my childhood so shoosh

  34. their reasons are pretty silly and nonsense, you are just haters of the franchise, which yes, the franchise had its lows and great moments from 1984 to 2021, but TransFormers games are gems, like War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybetron, Devastation, Armada, Forged to Fight, among others … you only express your hatred of TransFormers

  35. Even if i only olayed the Ps2, Psp version of transformers games i can still tell that this narrator is doing this for the money and not for convincing the people that this is completely unreasonable

  36. You know what.. One one who sucks here is you.

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