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90% OFF XBOX GAMES | Worms, Transformers, Greedfall + MORE | Xbox Deals of the Week

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This week we’ve got some hidden gems in our Xbox Deals of the Week!

From classics like Worms to RPG masterclasses like Greedfall, there’s plenty to pick from if you want to save money on Xbox games!

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  1. YAY!!!!! Stuff no one plays……what a HUGE SALE XBOX!!!!! You did it again!!!

  2. Caome give some amazing games on xbox sx

  3. Just imagine the kind of games we'd get after a year🥺 with this kind of sale

  4. These games are so terrible expect better for a billion dollor plus company

  5. does anyone know when bo3 zombies chronicles is gonna be on sale I wanna get it

  6. Okay the only good game in this sell was godfall which I already have

  7. Some YouTuber just said that you no longer need Xbox Live to play games that are free. Is that true?

  8. Almost half of the people don’t play these games 😂

  9. Very disappointing list. Not interested in a single one

  10. Shall we just face facts and admit the Worms is a tad sh*t. Periodically I revisit expecting it to be better but it never is.

  11. Autobots uuuugh all hail megatron why cant we get a desepticon based tranformers game like the origional transformers the game

  12. Xbox downloading games are slow compared to ps5 fix it now an I have expensive internet

  13. My advice, head over to the Capcom sale in the store and pick up Dragons Dogma for £7!

  14. i want the games and love true life in games game pass 😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Seriously Xbox tried to raise the price for gold… it backfired / the barely have any explosives / they don’t have any new hardware coming / controllers are the same as last gen / why … why do we support Xbox when we don’t get much in return? Game pass btw is renting games. Where is the innovation ? Xbox been lazy sense 2013

  16. Wish ghostbusters remastered was on gamepass…. a series s/x enhancement too please?

  17. This channel sucks. Supper annoying clueless presenters who it seems just try to flog the worst games on the Xbox platform. Crappy indy games that look like they were made 30 years ago.

  18. Some awesome looking super Nintendo games there better dust mine off 😁

  19. Mmmm nothing great but at least somthing new.

  20. It's crazy that Xbox is the deadest platform that still sells. What they did with the Xbox series S to the X is completely ridiculous and will mostly inevitably hold the X back and now you've got a lot of big developers jumping on the PlayStation train making their games exclusive because PlayStation made 2 exact Hardware identical Next Generation consoles that will be much easier to optimize for and still managed to make 1 just $100 more then Xbox's completely different an weakest Next-gen Series S.. Xbox is the only company I know that sabotages Itself by making the weakest crappiest games for a gaming platform and shoots itself in the foot by making the strongest and weakest console.. I Like my X1X Tho for 3rd party Games..

  21. The spring sale is a joke!!! I seen games I could of gotten $10+ cheaper during a normal sale.

  22. G. Dark fantasy ARPG – She Will Punish Them (Beta.HD)

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