ALTERNATIVE ENCOUNTERS | Transformers: The Game Alternative Mod #13 -

ALTERNATIVE ENCOUNTERS | Transformers: The Game Alternative Mod #13

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The Transformers The Game: Alternative Mod Vs Decepticons campaign by Games Master/Sun Rays continues with the start of the second chapter: More Than Meets the Eye. In this chapter Longarm is back to face off against hordes of drones and the Decepticop himself: Barricade.

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  1. barricade24 i like your trasformers video

  2. im watching this in the minute it relesasd

  3. A alternative encouter is one ho i get to date kk

  4. im really wonna buy a deluxe barricade from 2007 movie

  5. Yay,bumblebee is in his classic Camaro form!

  6. I feel like Longarm/Hook gets launched the highest and furthest in the air when I'm playing 😂

  7. Heres a fence joke "Break through this barricade".

  8. Jumping Dropkick is the best kind of Dropkick! YEET

  9. I like your videos man ive been working on a optimus prime voice its getting better and better

  10. Not too much to comment on. Solid performance. The mods getting better.

  11. New video transformers the game

  12. When I was doing the More Than Meets The Eye (The Alternative Mod) I was on the second mission of this chapter. Nothing to spoil but you have to save Bumblebee! When I was in the Police Station….. I lost their. Bumblebee's life ran out! So….yeah!

  13. The second mission of this chapter will be a teensy bit…. HARD!

  14. Fuck you can just do the mission and leave the submissions for another moment!?

  15. Now for Longarm to find some Glasses….. Bumblebee isn't here yet! Longarm could've been expecting a delay! But Longarm must hold off Barricade and the Decepticon gang! This must be the trick for having Bumblebee here! Jazz is with Longarm for now….. until Bumblebee is with him!

  16. Oi tudo bem aqui é o Plinio, como faço pra jogar mods no PlayStation 2. Boa Tarde.

  17. Autobot Pick-up truck: Brakepad. How's that for a name?

  18. Here's some more content with Evil Bumblebee

    Have a playable Spoony Mod from The Sumo Submission
    Fight Evil Bumblebee in some missions
    Have Autobot Drones at certain points
    Have more Classic Bumblebee content

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