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“Birds disguised as robots in disguise” New cinematic trailer for Angry Birds Transformers !
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ANGRY BIRDS TRANSFORMERS Old Shool Trailer. Release date : October 15, 2014 for mobile and tablet ! Subscribe now to GameNews to get the latest HD game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video on Game News Official.


  1. I was 12 years old when this game came out good old days

  2. Despues de 6 años me lo recomienda youtube, puta que nostalgia

  3. G1 Autobots’ enemies: Deceptions
    Autobirds’ enemies: eg

  4. This really shows how dedicated Rovio was back then.

  5. This trailer Is better than the actual game

  6. Hasta la Arcee de Angry Birds Transformers esta buena.

  7. Это трейлер не Энгри Бердс Олд скул, а трансформеров

  8. What about a crossover comic!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Western Aku di sini apa lagu sakitnya sini di kursi hatiku sakit sini di ikuti hatimu sakit lagu sakit di sini apa lagunya amal-amal lagi sakit ya sini di ketahan Miko ini kalau macam Ani Si api 32 9 10 11 12 12 12 12 12 14 11 12 12 12 12 12 1440 lagu sakit hati ini ikuti hatimu kau vitalipid tobot tobot

  10. 😊😁 sakit terus ini di Kota Han iku 1 kelas 12 12 12 12 4 12 20

  11. Sakit dah sini di tahan sakit tahi apa cepat robot robot robot robot

  12. Lagu Sakitnya Tuh Disini lagu sakit disini Aku Sakit Di Sini lagu Sakitnya Disini

  13. How the Autobots would react to the Autobirds (I'm gonna be sticking to the G1 personalities of the Autobots. Heatwave isn't included because he's from Rescue Bots, even if he's in the Angry Birds Transformers comic):

    Optimus Prime- He's surprised, he never expected that the Allspark/EggSpark could have such power, all the more reason to keep it out of evil's grasp. He was confused on why the Allspark turned the birds and pigs into some version of themselves and the Decepticons but became worried when he realised that Red became a Prime and how the transformation affected the birds' personalities. He decided to take the Autobirds under his wing and help them (and by accidental extension the Deceptihogs) out to free their island from the EggSpark's influence. And if the Autobirds and Deceptihogs could work together, perhaps all hope isn't lost.

    Bumblebee- He feels guilty, it was his fault that he lost the AllSpark and got Piggy island's residents into a war they never meant to be a part of and vows to fix his mistake. He was initially surprised when he sees how the birds looked like them, especially Chuck whose vocaliser is still broken like in the comic. But as he grew to know them, he understands the Autobirds more and respects their shared loyalty to protecting the eggs, even if those are the very eggs that they have to fight against.

    Ratchet- His first instinct was to check if there's anything wrong with the Autobirds which was how the Autobots discovered the birds' change in personality after they touch the Eggspark. He never thought the Allspark is capable of such things but he vows to help the Autobirds back to their original selves or at the very least, bring back their old personalities which was easier said than done, it didn't help that the birds and pigs have a completely different biology than the other birds and pigs of earth. He's also shocked to hear how the birds were able to do fine without a medic even before they got changed, to which he has several questions for, especially after learning how the birds would launch themselves out of a slingshot and into buildings.

    Jazz- He decides to befriend the Autobirds and even Grimlock Bird who doesn't like him but at least tolerates him. He was shocked when he learned that the Blues and Bubbles were kids/sparklings and becomes a bit protective of them. He learns of their culture and who the Autobirds were before their transformation and in turn, introduces music to them. He often jams with his bird counterpart and even tries out candy with him and is one of the few Autobots who can understand Terrance and Chuck.

    Bluestreak- He often talks with the Autobirds, specifically the Blues and Chuck who are able to keep up with his chatting despite the former's speeches. When he learns of the eggs and the birds' history with the pigs, he doesn't understand why the birds don't just kill the pigs and in turn, learns more than what meets the eye to them. But who exactly is Terrance supposed to be?

    Drift- He's glad that there's someone else who shares the samurai code, even if it's not really it but Bomb's got the spirit. He is concerned with how Bomb can just blow himself up and be fine and would ask. He happened to be on Earth riding through the roads when he noticed a strange signal and went to investigate which was how he ended up in Piggy Island. He decides to stick around and help the Autobirds rescue their eggs.

    Arcee- She was initially suspicious of the Autobirds but was quick to deduce that they mean no harm and gets to know them. She sometimes steps in to stop fights among them, especially when they get angry, and helps Stella should she be in trouble, although she is confused as to why Stella's a motorcycle despite Acree herself not being one.

    Grimlock- He doesn't really care but he does like to spar with Hal who proved to be quite strong despite his small appearance. He's only helping because he gets to destroy a lot of things which is why he slightly respects the Autobirds after learning how they would destroy anything in their path for their eggs.

    Wheeljack- He's very curious of the Autobirds and the Eggbots, especially Bomb who seems to be fine despite him constantly blowing himself up. He's also very shocked when he learned of the slingshot, how did the birds managed to cause so much chaos and destruction with just one primitive weapon?! What were they made of?! He does upgrade weapons for the Autobirds and gets into some shenanigans, especially with the Blues.

    Cliffjumper- He has a rivalry with Chuck, both being reckless and fast which in turn, makes him be scolded by Red a lot. He's very suspicious of the Autobirds and thinks of them as potential traitors, especially Terrance, which earns him another scolding by Red when he found out. He gets scolded a lot.

    That's all, I apologise if it is not very accurate, I don't know a lot about the Transformers characters. Feel free to comment on some things I miss and add onto it. Thanks.

  14. Birds disguised as robots in disguise


  15. I was addicted that gameplay when I was a kindergarten for running to the street.

  16. He he, the angry birds transformers goes brom brom

  17. The good old days.
    I still play this game for some reason.

  18. This looks like something straight out of the 90s

  19. Who else would love to see an angry birds show based off of this?

  20. If they didn't put this wide screen this will look old

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