Angry Birds Transformers Optimus Prime Bird Raceway Telepods Gaming Toy Review -

Angry Birds Transformers Optimus Prime Bird Raceway Telepods Gaming Toy Review

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Who LOVES Transformers and Angry Birds? BIRDS DISGUISED AS ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Possibly the most awesome toy mash up out of Hasbro gaming and it’s proving to be a very popular toy and app. Lets unbox and review the Angry Birds Transformers Optimus Prime Bird Raceway. This toy is very similar to Angry Birds Go where a small toy can be teleported and unlocked into an app game for more play. But how good is the toy Vs the app? The idea of small Angry Bird Transformers is a definite success, my 5 year old boy screamed for this toy and much of the desire ramped up once he downloaded the free gaming app. This then started a huge desire to fill up the game with extra Angry Bird Transformers Telepod characters. But finding these small very popular toys was fairly tricky. I was lucky to find what you see in this toy review. For me each Angry Bird Transformer was $9 and the Optimus Prime Raceway was $49 from K-Mart Australia. Because Telepod toys play out in two ways you have a funky cool toy in the hand and the ability to play that same toy in the app game. I’ll be honest here my son played the game much more than the Optimus Prime playset. But I was not surprised because I saw this also with the Angry Birds Go playset that I bought but never reviewed for YouTube. I have a video coming up where I compare the Angry Birds Transformers to Angry Birds Go playsets, it’s important to understand my thoughts about these styles of toys and how they have fairly limited playability. But in this review you will see how much my son loved racing the small Angry Bird Transformers on this amazing looking playset. How could you not like the look of Red Bird dressed up as Optimus Prime.

The Angry Bird Transformers Telepds which come with this raceway are Ultimate Optimus Prime Bird and Ultimate Megatron Pig. The additional Angry Bird Transformers racers you will see are, Optimus Prime Bird, Bumblebee Bird, Heatwave The Fire Bot Bird, Soundwave Pig, Galvatron Pig, Lockdown Pig. All characters are a fun mash up between Transformers and Angry Birds characters.

Playset includes 2 figures, 1 Telepod base, 2 launchers, 1 Large Optimus Prime Bird, 4 Track Pieces, 1 Track Diverter, 1 Flag Spinner, 1 Mini Starscream Pig, Instructions and Labels (my son calls them steckels)

By the time this toy review is uploaded this playset has had 2 weeks of play in the home, I can see the little Angry Birds Transformers are proving to be very popular (especially the ipad app game) but the Optimus Prime Raceway has had limited play. One problem is the Angry Birds keep transforming from the launch area, especially Optimus Prime Red Bird. In a funny way I’m not at all surprised, it seems the playset is almost an afterthought to the amazing work thats been put into the Angry Birds Transformers gaming app. How can a real toy ever compete with that?

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*NOTE: Angry Birds Transformers is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.


  1. I call the flying rd bird a hidden feature they are angry birds so they fly and they are transformers so they transform 😉

  2. this is the best mash up EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER

  3. The middle part is supposed to go one way
    That is the right way so there is one winner
    The little part can go left or right okay

  4. Well first of all pig is getting launched first, and second, that transforming is normal, the pig guy is stuck

  5. I have that much angry bird transformers on the game

  6. Not sure if your son knows this, but Telepods only temporarily unlock a character for a day or something. To permanently unlock one, you'll have to unlock new areas and unlock the bird or pig in the area. And let me tell you, the cost of Cyber-Coins will skyrocket every time you unlock one. Same for upgrading the characters. And don't get me started on the difficulty.

    Still, it's a fun game even if the IOS version haven't got the update the Android users have.

  7. To be honest, I'd rather go for the set, I know my sis will enjoy that

  8. Partners change, you don't loose them. Every partner is a player.
    The game switch them every time.

  9. In my moms ipad angry birds transformers my son's level 24

  10. I have this in iPhone 5s and do you have sentinel prime

  11. im faryher then kim sorry i play it and i spell a lot  words in 2 grade im a boy

  12. when ya push the launch button don't push it so hard in other words don't hit it  Kinda put your finger on it and push it but not too hard cause he'll fly off the table like you were doing.

  13. Hmmm…. this playset seems bizarre… despite the fact the toys can transform, it's not part of the playset (despite how much Red-Prime Bird tried haha). Seems like it's just racing cars with a Transformers and Angry Birds logo attached (and the price that goes along with it), so I am not that impressed but the set (though the little figures are much cooler than I anticipated-maybe I need to get some…)
    Certainly would rather the 1 step Bumblebee, but hey, the Mattel Gods wouldn't let that happen!

  14. to leokim where we live we don't have any angry birds transformers toys🔵🚞🚢🚁Ⓜ😎🐕🎅👮👭👖👒👙🌞🏢🚻⛔🚫🔥💦

  15. he lost thus the level so he can get the last of secret secret level because he scanned in another telephone telepods tell

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