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Autobot Meltdown – Transformers Universe Game

Transformers Universe
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Introducing Meltdown, warrior for Transformers Universe. Meltdown is an Autobot who hates war but will never leave a fellow warrior behind. A battle hardened combat medic, he is as adept at mending wounds as inflicting them. He can support his allies in the heat of battle, protecting them from harm and bring the pain to the Decepticons in the process.


  1. game looks like its running in low framerates..

  2. should have used the original transforming sound, it doesn't look bad though

  3. The other guy whos standing next to them looks like ratchet but that kinda figures as meltdown is supposed to be a medic too.

  4. Really liking the music tell me @Transformers Universe the music I hear is it in the game?

  5. Was hoping it was a open world mmo but looks like a lobby game, so ruined for me.

  6. For a free browser game it looks pretty decent.

  7. I made a character named meltdown in foc and it looks just like it

  8. Will there be recognizable characters such as optimus,bumblebee, or starscream and could you play as them? Also is there single or multiplayer campaign? And is there a survival mode?

  9. Dem framerate drops. I am quite sad that u can not customize ur own transformers because that is what would people love to do  but still looks decent.

  10. What if each weapon had an individual skill tree? And each one presents a playstyle? Motion Spore is support, Hot Heal is Dps/Aoe, and Fix Field is Heal/Aoe Heal. Along with that, you can see in the driving section at the beginning, you can see many of the new transformers names, like Showdown.

  11. Looks really fun. But I feel the camera is zoomed out too much. Other than that awesome

  12. the camera is bad. And the gameplay doesnt look very good.

  13. Absolutely can't wait. I have always wanted to play as a Transformer other than the ones from the series!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. finally a good transformers browser game for once

  15. Look's better then the transformers prime the game.

  16. In the beginning you see Ratchet on the left side near meltdown.

  17. Meltdown is an Autobot now? The original Meltdown was a Decepticon and then he was a human super villain from Transformers Animated. The name fits better for a villain than an Autobot medic.

  18. Meltdown = Awsome but he doesn't look at all like a medic.

  19. I hate that the camera is so far away from your character. Why not make it closer and lower

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