Best Transformers on the Workshop... Sort of. (Scrap Mechanic Workshop) -

Best Transformers on the Workshop… Sort of. (Scrap Mechanic Workshop)

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Hey everyone back again with more Scrap Mechanic! Today we are checking out some of the amazing transformers on the Steam workshop!






About Scrap Mechanic:


Anikdote [NCS Release]

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Aces High, Brightly Fancy, C-Funk, Dreamy Flashback, Final Battle of the Dark Wizards, Funin and Sunin, Funky Chunk, Funky One, Mining by Moonlight
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  2. All the transformers were a joke literally

  3. nice game .. Sana nka pasyal ka s bahy ko

  4. They should make a present hide and seek where there is a ton of presents and the other people or person are hiding and when they get found they can run away because they have to get shot by a spud gun to be tagged

  5. That's not a robot you say transformer but is not a transformer liar

  6. pickuptron is the transforming vehicle when fedex,amazon,or ebay needs to deliver a package in a war zone or on a dangerous zone lol

  7. When Kan wasn't paying attention and he pays attention to the tree cause he thought it was a tree episode might as well name the video "Trees-Former"

  8. Well when you say were not going to say anything we end up saying stuff lol

  9. They added a non really transforming vircle

  10. I love how there just mixing a bunch of shows that are not related what do ever

  11. I like the hell I brought you my name is Jeremiah more YouTube channels pretty please so much 100000

  12. The world “smallest” transformer is a tnt yeeter

  13. 6:57 scrapman: it's over kan, i have the high ground
    kan: you underestimate my power

  14. How dare you show something that isn't a transformer in a transformers video.

  15. You have to do it a boxing challenge with comodo

  16. Kan “look at my awesome sound effects”

  17. the first creation might be a black goose

  18. 18:25 – hearing you say 'head of the Deceptibots' made me die a little bit on the inside.

  19. Optimus prime is leader of the autobots and megatron is leader of the deceptions

  20. OMG why did you spawn 2 mono wheels in a transformer video

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