Best Transformers on the Workshop... Sort of. (Scrap Mechanic Workshop) -

Best Transformers on the Workshop… Sort of. (Scrap Mechanic Workshop)

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Hey everyone back again with more Scrap Mechanic! Today we are checking out some of the amazing transformers on the Steam workshop!






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  1. the last transformer is from neebsgaming.
    they have a youtube channeland i reconize it from one of their videos


  3. They need to make an episode of scrap mechanics boxing 🥊

  4. Do trees i wanna see trees like walking transformercopter trees

  5. Hey kAN, I was thinking, would it be better if you and Scrapman Instead of posting the same video on both your channels made it sort of a two-part thing so instead of watching Scrapman's video then thinking that your video's the same and not watching you do something different on both channels but keep the same category. Ps: Love your vids keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. Show us art in the next episode. Maybe some 3d art ir explosions or anything.

  7. "Look at my awesome sound effects!" -Kan 2019

  8. "I need to sit down. My back is sore." Awesome. Form of… Easy Up Chair for Seniors! You're a funny dude, kAN.

  9. Kan: this is pickuptron

    Scrapman blows it up after kan shows it


  10. im pretty sure that when he said that people who republish other peoples creations are the best he means there the worst

  11. Dude that pickuptron transformer is impressive! You could use those for a transformer battle challenge with spud guns

  12. Do Hover Crafts next time or piston powered creations.

  13. Wooden driving chair to Wooden driving car
    What is so impressive?

  14. That's small black Box it's Transforms into a submachine gun

  15. 1:02 It's a TNT Yeeter from minecraft but it doesn't have any TNT

  16. learn ur transformers. Optimus Prime is Ratchet's scout for the decepticons, Soundwave is the leader of the Auto bots with Arcee as his 2nd in command. (p.s. I know i got it all wrong i just want to be funny :D)

  17. Quote in movie: 1 CHALL STAND AND ONE SHALL FALL. What there talking about:1 CHAIR SHALL STAND AND A ROBOT SHALL FALL.

  18. Anyone else saw the present and think of lilo and stitch

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