CGI-ACCURATE OPTIMUS PRIME (vs MEGATRON) | Transformers: The Game Mods -

CGI-ACCURATE OPTIMUS PRIME (vs MEGATRON) | Transformers: The Game Mods

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  1. Can you do a video showcasing the Day of the Machines mod where you fight Megatron as Optimus but the fight across the city is a bit more complex?. Megatron's AI is more tough, he transforms into a jet sometimes, you also fight: Starscream, Blackout, Brawl, Shockwave and Bonecrusher with some drones. Also I remember that Optimus and Megatron had a lot more of hidden dialogues in each fight in that mod. I believe that it was made by user Lord Megatron

  2. Could you try Megatron next. Also good job. Optimus Prime has never looked better.

  3. This. Is. Amazing. I didn't realize how little detail the original textures had until I saw this, I always felt something was wrong with them, xd.

  4. HOLY SHIT THIS LOOK AWESOME. KEEP IT UP MY MAN.( also can u make a mod to have hooverext and Hooverdam(decepticon campaign) playable)? Plz

  5. Best Skin Of Optimus Prime But it worked only with High Resources

  6. Megatron is the only one to dislike this.

  7. I'm very impressed, your Optimus skin mod is INSANE. Perfect job buddy!

  8. This mod is fucking amazing I felt like I was watching live action transformers

  9. I just love how you did a mix of DOTM & ROTF optimus prime's textures with a TFTG one which was so poorly textured.

    I knew it, i almost prefered low graphics TFTG optimus, he was more put into effort than than high textures one.

    Also i have a question: will the texture even retexture the lowered graphics optimus?

  10. Amazing work! May I ask, how did you exactly do/paint the whole thing? Interested in the process

  11. Apparently, Starscream and Blackout was supposed to be a boss or mini-boss, even the audio files, but it was scrapped because this mission is focus on Megatron or is about to be, like an alternate instead of greenland with big statue when you play as Optimus on Autobot Mission. Maybe friendly A.I doesn’t work that well or they’re being too lazy or something.

  12. If I download this mod, will I automatically have the game on my PC?

  13. We’ll thats just awesome! Really cool! I need to mod my game “once and for all” nice use of the alternative mod as well as the falling animations. Always better to see a powerful character like Prime knock over someone like Starscream who never does get knocked down

    Btw what’s the song you used at the beginning?

  14. Jeez. That’s ridiculous. (in a good way)

  15. You should make a cgi accurate version of megatron

  16. The sword looks really inaccurate to its movie counterpart, but I guess it looks fine.

  17. I always thought the levels were wrong. Optimus will never hide risking all those autobots live, on the contrary, Megatron wouldn't care.
    So Day of Machines should be Optimus vs Megatron and The Ultimate Doom being Megatron vs Prime.

  18. Amazing ! But how do it work Please ? ( wich folder of the game )

  19. You should put that when you meet megatron again he has his whole life full again, because he lasts very little when he's with starscream or blackout

  20. Hello where did you get the Transfomers_Hi.DAT file?
    (I want to get Transformers_Hi.DAT)

  21. where to copy the mod there is no chars or something in my folder

  22. Can you do cgi accurate mods for all the characters in the game

  23. ok please tell me your recorder and settings thanks 🙂

  24. They should've done this in the game cuz the Ultimate doon should've been for Megatron and this level for Optimus at least we get something thts close to the forest battle in Transformers 2. Also Optimus look in this game look so bad they should've made him look how is was in the film.

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