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Classic Game Room HD reviews TRANSFORMERS 2 DECEPTICONS Version for Nintendo DS. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen comes in many different shapes and sizes, this is the Decepticon Version for Nintendo DS. Play as Starscream, Grindor, Sideways and other Decepticons in this Transformers action video game. This CGRHD review of Transformers 2 Decepticons Version has gameplay footage showing game play of Transformers on Nintendo DS, the Decepticon Edition.


  1. Since wen is barricade in the second movie? Hes only in th e first so why put him in the second transformer vid game

  2. ZOMG! You are the man. My friend has a Macbook and it only transforms into a mousepad.

  3. Your videos are awesome, I kinda agree with what you said about bumblebee hilarious. Thanks.

  4. no you cnat play as ravage but you can play as startscream,sideways,barricade,the decepticon protoform,megatron,optimus prime,bumblebee,the autobot protoform and sideswipe

  5. I hate bee I like Optimus prime

  6. I still have Strong-Bot and I never knew his name until earlier this year..
    Oh and I have fast bot or speed bot whatever his name is. he's pretty much broken and his little driver/vacuum robot is gone.

  7. i HATE you.bumblebee is say hes coward by going behind the forcefield.well so does grindor in autobots version.u must be an effing decepticon.any1 who is any1 will love bumblebee DECEPTICREEP.

    WHOSE WITH ME?!?!?!?

  8. Bumblebee was pretty bad in the show. I mean, horrible. Just horrible.

  9. hey bumblebee is cool just watch transformers animated

  10. I like the first game for the ds better.

  11. Bumblebee haters suck just 12 that affends me

  12. One of the best DS game i have i mean Dotm sucks

  13. Decepticons slaying to the auto bots are autobrats

  14. I like this game but what it lacks is that you can't use any flying characters, like fly freely. You can use those jets but I want to be able to transform into a humanoid robot and then turn into a jet or a heli. Although the makers of ROTF transferred the same prop like Black out to the game, which I didn't mind. Mostly I wish for Transformers Rise of The Dark Spark has a very good gameplay for the 3DS.

  15. Эскендер Григорович says:

    Barricade does make an appearance. Are you playing as a constructicon?

  16. Do a review of War for Cybertron on the DS! That game is freakin awesome!!

  17. i unsucscribe because you fucing hat bumblebee fuck you

  18. There's nothing more satisfying in any Transformers game then having the chance to kill Bumblebitch.

  19. but i agree with jeffery wang your the autobitch bumblbee doesent ruin shit

  20. Not defending Bumblebee but any transformers game with a decepticon campaign you can kill Bumblebee. You kinda make it sound like that's the only game you can kill Bumblebee.

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