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Classic Game Room HD reviews TRANSFORMERS 2 Autobots Version for Nintendo DS. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Autobots Version on Nintendo DS allows you to play as numerous Autobot characters, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and your own self-titled character. This CGRHD review of Transformers 2 on Nintendo DS has gameplay from Transformers Rise of the Fallen on Nintendo DS, the Autobot version. Drive, transform, shoot and fly your way to victory in a variety of bite sized missions to complete the overall story. Numerous challenge modes are unlocked where you can compete against yourself for times and scores, earn energon and level your character up with more health, strength and resistance. Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen for Nintendo DS is a fun, playable game that is silly and entertaining just like the 1980’s Transformers cartoon series. Autobots on Nintendo DS, roll out! Deceptichumps! This game cart has Nintendo wi-fi multiplayer with up to 4 people Nintendo DS multi-card play.


  1. @thokkk1 Amen to that. Are you talking about the ds game?

  2. The first one was way better. And reason why you said that game was better dosen't make sense…

  3. tis game roocks but descons he said he hate bummbell i tode hem your a bhech you shuk

  4. @TomaH4WK911 UGHH!!! that was my little 8 year old brother. he was on youtube under my account he was being a douche disregaurd his comment please

  5. bumblebee is awesome he is like the ninja of the group lol

  6. looking like a ps1 game is pretty impressive for a ds game

  7. You Should try Transformers Armada for ps2. It is a awesome game

  8. It's like pokemon, black and white, red and blue, diamond and pearl.. so on and so forth

  9. I can't believe you didn't name him Karnage

  10. Fuck i know, i know this is DS version. You idiot!

  11. How the fuck do you pass level 5 where you got to carry those boxes in just 2 minutes they should have at least gave 2 minutes and 5 seconds

  12. no it doesn't, seriously go play need for speed 1 again

  13. He: Transformer falls the earth from somewhere… And you can name it. Decepticon: Thats waht you think. xD

  14. the level where you need to scan satelite dishes is hard

  15. mmmmm weird. he's playable, i remember playing as him in ROTF Game for DS

  16. I hade this game until my brother sold it to his friend

  17. i like the menu theme to this game, if the theme has a name, can someone tell me what this song is?

  18. I would say just put in "Transformers DS menu theme"… thats probably your best bet

  19. the nintendo ds has more power than the ps1 because it has more capacity than a nintendo 64

  20. This game (and depecticons version) is by far the worst ds video game EVER!!!!

  21. The first one was the best because you could free roam like in the 360 version 🙂

  22. Эскендер Григорович says:

    Sideswipe is a badass. I may get this game…

  23. DOTM-Failed, Prime-okay, ROTF-great, WFC-Great, 2007 version-Outstanding! These are all DS versions. I did wish foc was on the ds or 3ds, it'll be better.

  24. The downfall is that you couldn't fight devastator, all the boss fights are the same with different weapons and thats all. I wish i played starscream more often

  25. Is it just me, or does the original DS have a little more power than the 3DS when it comes to 3D cross-platform action games?

    The 3DS seems to have the short end of the stick when it comes to cross-platform, 3D action games. Most of the cross platform games on 3DS are dinky little crappy games that would be more suitable to the GameBoy, (I love you, GameBoy, but your cross platform games kinda suck…) and don't push the 3DS to its limit.

    The more ambitious ones on 3DS chug at a slow framerate while the same kind of game would run just fine on the DS, albeit with less impressive visuals.

    I've seen the 3DS chugging even when playing dinky 2.5D games… games that would run PERFECTLY on the DS.

    I've even heard that the 3DS has trouble playing Angry Birds… That's not right.

    I believe it may be because, with the DS, developers felt more obligated to push the 3D engine to its limits, just to prove it's capable of 3D action – and a lot of the time with these ambitious titles, it worked out rather well.

    Either that, or the 3DS is lacking in some hardware aspect compared to the DS.

    I really don't know.

    For the record, I'm not talking about first party games.

    Super Smash 3DS looks amazing AND runs at 60 fps, and Kid Icarus Uprising is the closest to a full-fledged console experience I've ever seen on a handheld.

    Most of the stuff Nintendo does with the 3DS is magical. It's the majority of third party developers that are getting lazy.

  26. Any1 one know where i can find the main menu theme song of this game?

  27. I've seen half of the first season the reason why the Decepticons are harvesting Energon cubes is so they can use them for a weapon and use the weapon to take over the universe.

  28. to be honest I enjoyed the first game more.

  29. Holy crap. I first saw this video 7 years ago and I remember everything that happened


  31. At least the music on the main menu sounds kickass (i really like this game though the first one is better)

  32. can't belive its been 7 years since i first watched this review, and still i love it. And the games too

  33. I used to watch this so much when I was 5 when I wanted this game. Such good times

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