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Transformers: Devastation review!

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Classic Game Room reviews TRANSFORMERS DEVASTATION for PlayStation 4 (also on Xbox One, PS3, PC and Xbox 360). CGR Transformers Devastation YouTube review features Transformers Devastation PS4 gameplay starring Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Grimlock, Devastator, Shockwave and more!!


  1. When I first played this game,I immediately armed optimus prime with a sword. His retractable axe looks really ridiculous tbh.

  2. I have in this game very rare weapons. Magma Shot S and Energon Spike Hammer S and Drill missile launcher S and Stsr Saber S

  3. "One of the best developers of the past decade" that made me chuckle.

  4. When I heard of devastation I knew he was gonna be satisfied

  5. I had a lot of fun with this game, I really hope that a sequel multiplies the playable characters by like 10. If they are going to continue with the bland environments might as well give us some Dynasty Warriors-level Body-counts.

  6. Bayonetta + Transformers = a match made in heaven!

  7. How come Transformers don't look like this in the movies? How come they started to look like a junkyard threw up?

  8. Awesome review for an awesome game! Every Transformers fan needs this in their collection!!

  9. Downloaded this and beat it the next day. This game is THE SHIT!! And it's G1 as it was meant to be. Hoping to God they make a sequel with more playable bots and combiners. I'd also love to play from the decepticon prospective.

  10. shame the Fall of Cybertron MP series was so good. hoping they brought it back

  11. nope , no no no no …… no I will not spoil it for myself sorry!

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