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Transformers: Devastation review!

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Classic Game Room reviews TRANSFORMERS DEVASTATION for PlayStation 4 (also on Xbox One, PS3, PC and Xbox 360). CGR Transformers Devastation YouTube review features Transformers Devastation PS4 gameplay starring Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Grimlock, Devastator, Shockwave and more!!


  1. Has anybody here even seen Citizen Kane? I thought it was quite good and the cinematography reminds me of anime…like the high camera angles and harsh shadows and stuff.

  2. People complaining about this game being 4 hours long, you can easily get multiplayer platthroughs of this, I can imagine it would probably take at least 30 hours to actually get a platinum/max achievement score if not longer, since there are there are trophies for beating the game using one of 5 transformers, and in order to get those trophies, you have to play the whole game through with that one Transformer, so that's at least 5 full playthroughs. Not to mention there are side missions, challenge modes, multiple difficulty settings, leveling up various weapons, etc. If you don't mind a little grinding and doing stuff you've already done, this is more than worth the $50 purchase. I rented it myself and just beat it on medium difficulty on one playthrough, it actually took me more like 7 hours, so the person on Youtube that beat it in 4 probably played it on the easiest difficulty and/or are really good at these types of games. 

    I will definitely be buying this soon, but I gotta make sure I get a couple other games first before I do. I dunno if this is a GOTY contender but it is super fun, the graphics are a great throwback to Gen 1, and the music score is awesome and will likely be one of the best soundtracks for a game this year. This is also without a doubt the best game based on Transformers yet, I have been pretty much unimpressed with Activision's offerings based on the movies and the original games weren't much better, this is better than all of them. As far as characters, Optimus Prime is the best overall, but if you get good with Grimlock he is very powerful and has an excellent counter attack maneuver. I didn't like Sideswipe or Bumblebee because their damage output was lacking and their L1 maneuver was purely defensive, and thus redundant since R1 already serves as an adequate defensive maneuver.

  3. 6 people watching this are Voltron fanboys. Such filthy heathens!

  4. Generation 1 Transformers never looked better. Awesome game.

  5. I don't even care about Transformers, and I want this game BADLY. That says a lot, lol

  6. Gotta say – they nailed the aesthetic better than I'd expect anyone to. Getting the original actors really tops it off. Maximum nostalgia. On another note, I feel like the game format actually works really well with the 80's cartoon look – it's like the arcade game us 80's kids wish we had when the cartoon was on the air. I really do like seeing a game like this come out alongside the modern Transformers iterations.

  7. Oh I'm already enjoying this game. For me, this game makes me feel right at home as a child of the 80s.

  8. "Megatron back when he transformed into a gun."

    Actually, Mark…He turns into a tank in this game.

  9. How the hell do you do Grimlock's dino grab at 05:30? I've followed the advice it said in the game (for PS3 – do a counter and then hit the circle button), but it never works for me.

  10. whats with g1 bumblebee hate whellie and Rodimus Prime are way more annoying

  11. Did you really just lump Bumblebee in with Jar Jar?

    On a more serious note, Bumblebee is my absolute favorite character to use in the game, just because of his sheer speed.

  12. Someone should throw Jar-Jar into the Sarlac pit to be digested for a thousand years!

  13. "I made Citizen Kane and now I'm a Transformer."

  14. i had the option of prime,megatron, or jazz.. i went with jazz. he rocked! cheers.. G1 for life. laughs. the toys just feel better built compared to the latest toys iv looked at.. but maybe i just found a bad batch.. and i will always have a soft spot for BEE.. i love air cooled vws, baja bugs rock. so much fun in a cheap off road vehicle.. its always fun to surprise people what a bug can do off road.. hell even a stock bug does good off road.. roll out.

  15. This is EXACTLY what I have expected out of a Transformer game for the last 35 years…

  16. I found it easier with Bumble Bee than Optimus Prime. But its a pretty easy game in hard level anyway.

    Magnus is other story, one hit and say bye to 95% of your health.

  17. Sideswipe, awesome. No Sunstreaker (his brother). No Prowl. No Brawn. Still looks amazing.

  18. I want to play this more than Fall of Cybertron!

  19. But Optimus never said "Rosebud". So they're equal in my opinion.

  20. I really like transformers so I like this video its really awsome

  21. Still waiting for a price drop… im certainly buying when it reaches 30 bucks

  22. Yeah but Citizen Kane makes a sled feel important though! …which is for some reason called Rosebud.

  23. best game of 2015 for me
    love platinum games
    and g1 transformers
    epic combination

  24. nope , no no no no …… no I will not spoil it for myself sorry!

  25. shame the Fall of Cybertron MP series was so good. hoping they brought it back

  26. Downloaded this and beat it the next day. This game is THE SHIT!! And it's G1 as it was meant to be. Hoping to God they make a sequel with more playable bots and combiners. I'd also love to play from the decepticon prospective.

  27. Awesome review for an awesome game! Every Transformers fan needs this in their collection!!

  28. How come Transformers don't look like this in the movies? How come they started to look like a junkyard threw up?

  29. Bayonetta + Transformers = a match made in heaven!

  30. I had a lot of fun with this game, I really hope that a sequel multiplies the playable characters by like 10. If they are going to continue with the bland environments might as well give us some Dynasty Warriors-level Body-counts.

  31. When I heard of devastation I knew he was gonna be satisfied

  32. "One of the best developers of the past decade" that made me chuckle.

  33. I have in this game very rare weapons. Magma Shot S and Energon Spike Hammer S and Drill missile launcher S and Stsr Saber S

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