Classic Game Room - TRANSFORMERS PRIME review for Wii -

Classic Game Room – TRANSFORMERS PRIME review for Wii

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Transformers Prime The Game review.
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Classic Game Room reviews TRANSFORMERS: PRIME The Game from Activision and Nowpro for the Nintendo Wii. This average action game has an E 10+ rating, the Transformers Prime cast and decent controls but average gameplay and horrible visuals for a 2012 release. Fans of the series may enjoy seeing their beloved Autobots beat up on the Decepticons, and parents of younger fans can dig their little ones waggling the controllers and running around as Optimus, Arcee and Bumblebee. While this falls far from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron or any of the other bigger budget Transformers games it has a place as a budget priced kids title and delivers predictable game play and sanitized action. CGR Transformers Prime The Game video review has Transformers Prime gameplay recorded from Nintendo Wii. Transformers Prime The Game is also available on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS.


  1. Are you saying this crappy game based on the crappy cartoon based on the crappy Michael Bay movies has an amazing plot and gameplay?

  2. but on this game its shit..looks like game from ps1…

  3. Who the hell compared to Wii graphics to the Atari 2600? Your rage is clouding your ability to see an obvious joke. Anyway, I partially agree. Partially. To say that hardware limitations CANT hamper a game is a lie. Ever play Planetside 2? Of course you haven't. Cause it isn't on consoles. Know why? Cause consoles can't handle 6000 player servers and maps that span 3 continents. While console games can barely hold 60 players, I'll be fighting with 2000 others. In much larger worlds.

  4. hi its 2002 graphics again WE WANT OUR GRAPICS BACK

  5. It does, but they were probably too lazy to create an own engine for this game, so they used a PS2 engine.

  6. Maybe i heard that wii is really complex system to make games on…but wtf they get paid to do that…lazy idiots…

  7. Man, I haven't a Wii review on CGR in a really long time.

  8. Skyward Sword had Graphics that would shit on any ps2 game (Including God of War) Just a different way of portraying what a game is. The problem with the wii wasn't the games.. it was the developers and the refusing to use dual layer discs for anything except Zelda and Smash Brothers and Metroid..

  9. Not mention the 640×480 resolution its stuck in.. Dude The wii runs Modern Warfare 3 perfectly fine.. why didn't they port every multi console game the same way.

  10. Graphics have made my favorite games turn into piles of shit.. Final Fantasy for example. Killzone as another Example. The need for badass graphics killed the Role Playing Genre. =(

  11. Fuck graphics thats why everything out these days sucks ass except the Halo campaign.

  12. Oooo SHINY!!!!! (Plays like a massive steaming pile of donkey shit)

  13. Wow, this game's graphics remind me of Transformers Armada. That game came out 8 1/2 years ago.

  14. 3:00 wondering how the hell are those things moving up and down on the left of the screen

  15. I had understood, the wii, as a gamecube with motion controls, where did you get the stats that the you used in this comment?

  16. Looks like a fun game, for anyone who watches the Prime series, wither they be adults, or kids… thanks for the review, I had thought about getting this game, hows the story?

  17. That really isn't the case. The PS2 has a very strong set of processors in it that when used correctly can match the Wii step for step. For more lazy developers the Wii can achieve graphics without much effort especially using the Unity engine. PS2 lives and dies by any engine specific tuning they do to their proprietary game engines.

  18. Hmmm, i see, all this time, i guess i was being hard on the wii, saying that it was a GC with motion controls, but when most the games look like crap…

  19. you know…..settin here bitchin about it aint gonna make your fuckin video games get any better. and for the record final fantasy sucks anyways. it has since 6.

  20. I was actually pleasantly surprised how well this game turned out. Sure the graphics aren't the best but its nice to see a good, fun transformers prime game.

  21. Yeah. Many games from the 6th generation were not better looking because they had a ps2 version first, and then were ported to the GC and the XBOX. The wii is often underestimated by developers. This is funny, but, NFS Carbon was more better looking on PS2 and GC than on the Wii release, which defies any common sense.

  22. Well, at least the weapons are cartoonish and the explosions are not that violent.

  23. You should watch some CGRUndertow reviews on Wii games. The problem with the wii is that the developers don' t bother trying to create good games. They find porting from PS3 and XBOX360 too hard, so they create a game from scratch, and often, these games have a very rushed development.

  24. And that's a good thing, considering the Wii is full of rushed budget-priced game releases.

  25. SPILL.NO. du har blitt kjendis :3 folk kjenner deg igjen

  26. Holy shit! Sykt random, men allikevel awesome! Trodde jeg var den eneste derfra som så Mark sine anmeldelser jeg 😛

  27. What really defies common sense is NFS Carbon on the Wii compared to NFS HP on the Wii. Just what the heck happened there?

  28. …..Why is that on the DS? I just beaten the DS ver and it's EXACTLY the same as the wii ver, the only difference is the style of the game.

  29. Transformers prime sucks ! its a hub show which sucks

  30. Dude, you aren`t telling me, that you entered this video just to remark that you think it sucks? Really? Grow some balls and stop being a douche.. Immature fuck..

  31. no i just like this persons reviews so i watched it
    and no cussing im 10 !

  32. Dude, you remarked that you thought the whole TFP franchise sucked, that is not something you concluded from this review.. Bad excuse, really.. Btw, there may be some really eager fans here, expecting to see a review, then they stumble on such a derpy comment as your own.. Really, try thinking for a moment..

  33. leave me alone ok ! i said im 10 leave me alone !!

  34. Mark I love your vids but somebody complaining about graphics who speaks about the Vectrex non stop is just well disturbing

  35. Man, Mark always says that gameplay is superior to graphics, but he must comment on the graphics of the games he reviews, and for the Wii, this is not a very good looking game.

  36. What the hell has NFS got to do with transformers it's a wii not a ps3 what graphics do u expect.

  37. It's Youtube… there will be cussing, get over it.

  38. Then why say no "cussing" if you know there will be?

  39. that was me before watching Pewdiepie and shanedawsontv

  40. Watching them isn't going to make you learn about "cussing" on Youtube. Look at the comments of those videos and you will see way worse stuff then what they say. And I have full recollection (Knowledge) of what they say.

  41. Mark, I'm slightly surprised by your comment on the TV Show "It's not too bad".
    I was watching the original series the very day they aired it in the 80's… am 38 now, and completely LOVE the T Prime series!! It's so well done, and the character base is so rich! Give it a chance bro:)
    ps- got a new 'Tissue Boy' to send you soon, lol.

  42. You are so awesome, Mark. Flash Gordon, James Bond and Transformers. Three of my favorite franchise.

  43. Imagine High Moons developing this. Nah I still like the game tjough it's fun and addicting whie it lasted. The DS versions is…Meh…Sorta nice but 3DS>DS

  44. High Moon has really done an amazing job with the Transformers property when you take into consideration how other attempts at creating a satisfying Transformers video game experience have gone.  Just think of the Commodore 64 version or the Famicon version and then take comfort in the fact that finally, after all these years, finally somebody competent came along and make truly decent Transformer Games.

  45. are you mental? This is an AWESOME game. GAME.. the game PLAY.

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