Decaying Orbit LB Crystal Cracking- Transformers Earth Wars- TFEW- 4K UHD -

Decaying Orbit LB Crystal Cracking- Transformers Earth Wars- TFEW- 4K UHD

To Punish And Enslave
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Hello all Transformers Earth Wars TFEW fans and future addicts, today is a big day! Massive crystal cracking from this leaderboard event- Decaying Orbit which I was happy to join top Decepticon LB alliance- Scorched Earth HQ… we killed it! Hoping you guys are happy with your pulls? Any 4* ApeFaces? All in the best possible settings of graphics changed to 4K HD resolution. Simply enjoy the show. SCORCHED!


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Hello everyone, my name is Deception and I would like to welcome you all on the channel fully focused on transformers games, especially (TFEW) Transformers: Earth Wars. On this channel I’m gonna walk you through everything, starting from early stage of the game, gameplays with explanation for each bot/combiner so you’re able to understand them better and use them better on battlefield, through weekly events, weekly raids, updates, to loads of useful information that you don’t want to miss. It is essential to understand basics, have some help with tips to improve your gaming to get better results faster and get you on higher level of competition.

Which side are you gonna choose?

All Hail Megatron!




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  2. Great Crystal Cracking Video Deception.

  3. How did you even get into that alliance just curious 😅

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