Decepticons, Transform And Rise Up!!! - Transformers: Prime [4K SDR] #Megatron #Decepticons #RiseUp -

Decepticons, Transform And Rise Up!!! – Transformers: Prime [4K SDR] #Megatron #Decepticons #RiseUp

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This is the final day of the Autobot resistance!

Transformers: Prime – Season 2 Episode 26 – Official TV Show Clip – Upscaled Version – 4K Ultra HD / H.265 / SDR Lossless Blu-ray Quality

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  1. Official Transformers Movies And Shows By FG says:

    This is what you chose, Prime, when you defied ME… ALL of THIS is YOUR doing! #LordMegatron

  2. This is my favorite part of transformers prime.

  3. I thought Beast Wars' first 2 Season endings were insane as far as how they played out, but Prime's first 2 Season endings went even further!

  4. Fg quick question why did u stop uploading again recently
    Ps love u guys keep up the work

  5. Miles Morales - Into the Spider-Verse says:

    0:22 Awesome battle cry! I loved it when Megatron said “Decepticons, transform and rise up!”

  6. This is an iconic scene, I’ll never forget about it.

  7. On the bridge of the Nemesis, Megatron stands with Sentinel Prime, Blackout, Soundwave & Knockout.

    Megatron: “Our opportunity to revive Cybertron has been lost, due the the treachery of Optimus Prime, but from our fortress of Darkmount, we will instead seize control of this world”

    Below Starscream, Blitzwing & Nitro Zeus stand with a battalion of seekers.

    Megatron: “Decepticons! Transform & RISE UP!”

    The seekers all chant & cheer.

    Starscream: “I thought he’d never Ask!”
    Nitro Zeus: “Let’s Do This!”

    Starscream leads his armada into battle.

    Starscream: “Come My Armada! Attack! Attack! ATTACK!!!”

    The Decepticons open fire on the Autobots, Optimus & his team desperately hold back the hordes of fighters & swarms of Insecticons.

    Optimus: “Autobots! Fall Back!”

    The Autobots retreat inside, the Aerialbots transform.

    Bulkhead: “Jetfire! What are you doing?”
    Jetfire: “We’ll hold them back”

    Jetfire, Windblade & Bulletstorm take off, they begin to fire on the seekers, Starscream ignores them & continues the assault, Blitzwing & Nitro Zeus follow suit, the seekers continue their rain of fire on the base.

  8. Jetfire, Windlade & Bulletstorm as well as Wheeljack & Crosshairs (In the Jackhammer) fend off Starscream, Blitzwing, Nitro Zeus & an entire armada of Seekers & swarms of Insecticons, long enough for the Autobots to evacuate all while Megatron & Sentinel move the Nemesis into position to obliterate the base.

  9. Hey Offical. Do you want to know something about Transformers Prime 👀😁?

  10. You can really see why people still follow Megatron or even followed him at all. He empowers them through his actions, and aligning his goals with everyone else's. Meanwhile Optimus is a great leader in his own sense but he empowers people through giving the freedom to grow and being supportive. Much more quiet compared to the charismatic Megatron. They were perfect for the sides they were on.

    Although I think Megatron would've made a better politician than Optimus.

  11. Love this part, Megatron and the Decepticons on Top and Awesome!!

    Thank you!

  12. OMG I'm crying
    All hail decepticons…

  13. Man this scene was just incredible!!!! And I can say this show has much more action and better quality action than any transformers property to date!!!

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