First Look At Transformers Devastation From Platinum Games -

First Look At Transformers Devastation From Platinum Games

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  1. To be honest i'd much rather a War/Fall of Cybertron 3…

  2. I really don't want this to suck but there's still that thing in the back of my head saying that I know it will.

    Let's just hope I am wrong and its a good TF game.

  3. I'd still prefer Vanquish 2 over this boring mess… remember Legend of Korra game by Platinum? 

    Yeah, these guys are good at their own IPS but already owned IPS like this… likely hood of this sucking: 


  4. After the blunder that was Rise of Dark Spark
    This will be well received for sure.

  5. LOL, i see attack on titan at the end of the trailer :p

  6. Is this Platinum's A team or B team though? A team being things like Bayonetta, and B team being Legend of Korra… >_>

  7. Platinum should redeem Sonic. There's fast paced gameplay with creative choreography in their entries from Bayo to Vanquish and MGR.
    They could definitely change SEGA's (now laughable) mascot.

  8. Oh, yeah, this is gonna be a mess of total half-assed suckery.  I mean it LOOKS awesome, which was my first clue.  Activision is involved, so that's my second.  Remember how we all thought Far Cry: Blood Dragon was a joke because no AAA studio would make a game that cool? But then it turned out to be the best Far Cry ever?  Yeah, 80's kids only get one of those.

  9. All of that is bullshit like Kotaku, Why not a new Wonderful 101 or something

  10. Can somebody please explain to me why a game like this isn't coming to the Wii U? It's first gen Transformers, it's not AAA graphics, and we've had the last few Transformers games come to the Wii U. Please, someone explain to me and my boyfriend how this makes sense, how this is logical, how this is a good idea.

  11. Well, now I want a Transformers Dynasty Warriors game. Slag.

  12. If there's a studio that could do a TRANSFORMERS game, it's PlatinumGames. The original G1 is the best! #E3   #E32015

  13. My favourite developer is making a game based on my favourite franchise. I…I don't quite know how to react.

  14. The art style looks just right, but I'm a bit hesitant with the music. It needs less metal, and more Stan Bush.

  15. I'm pretty sure they made Devastator show up the exact same way the Colossal Titan showed up on purpose. Combiner > Titan

  16. I hope this works out despite the awful trailer music.

  17. So happy to see the PC symbol on the far right end of the screen. And yes…this is what Transformers should be all about.

  18. I can't wait, anything G1 is usually win, besides that crossover video game Hasbro/Activision tried to shove down our throats

  19. is this a fighting game or an adventure game?

  20. There had better be some Stan Bush music in there somewhere

  21. it's platinum, so it will be good.
    'nuff said

  22. hope I see ALL of the transformers in the game

  23. We all know that music for a promo video rarely reflects what will be in the finished product.  Hopefully that will be the case here.  If Platinum really wants to stroke of us old G1 fans then they need to go full bore and not half-ass.  Get Robert Walsh on the phone.  (Yeah, a lot of us also enjoyed Vince DiCola and Stan Bush, but their contributions span one movie while Walsh's span all of G1 seasons 1-4.)

  24. The Pepperoni Pizza Formerly Known as Illidreth says:

    @***** @Miles Wright @***** 
    I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED.

  25. Anarchy reigns was my goty the year it came out, and this looks like more anarchy reigns combat with my fav gen of transformers, so I am excited.

  26. Fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap-(transforming sound effect)

  27. i wonder if the game is going to be in 360p too!

  28. I'd love platinum to take the reigns at capcom and make the devil may cry game everyone deserves. I feel like capcom only know how to make good io then fuk it up with bullshit sequels. These guys are the perfect fit.

  29. I really don't care about Transformers but I love Platinum so I guess this is probably gonna be good.

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