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Five of the Best Transformers Games | The Best Transformers Video Games

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You want the best Transformers games? I love Transformers and Transformers games. But unlike other franchises we’ve not been best spoiled for good Transformers video games over the years. In fact, other than the increasing quality of the toyline, Transformers games haven’t been so good.

I keep paying money looking for the best Transformers games. I’ve played practically every Transformers game there is, so I feel pretty qualified that these are five of the best Transformers video games you’re likely to ever play.

Transformers Beast Wars (GBC, 1999)
Not the only Japan-exclusive Transformers game (surprise), Beast Wars on the GBC stands out for a few reasons: 1) It’s one of two standalone Transformers fighting games ever, 2) It’s one of only three games based on the Beast Wars continuity and 3) It’s the best Transformers game from last Century. I have no idea what the text means but it’s a good 2D fighting game and it has Lio Convoy in it, and he’s a sweet Transformer toy.

Transformers Devastation (PS3, PS3, XB360, XBONE, PC, 2015)
Transformers Devastation is a typical Platinum Games brawler. Best screen-filling boss fights, a super slick combo system and frenetic action that doesn’t let up until the end. The cel-shaded art style faithfully renders the Transformers straight off the acetate of the old 80s cartoon. Objectively, nothing is 100% brilliant with Transformers Devastation, but thankfully the game story is over before anything starts to truly grate on you. Reuniting the original voice cast was a master stroke and adding Grimlock as a playable character is guaranteed to make me happy.

Transformers Prime: The Game (Wii, WiiU, 2012)
The Transformers: Prime show was awesome. The tie-in Transformers game was also good. The short, Autobot-only game campaign completely captures the essence of the TV show by recreating the bot designs and bringing in the full voice cast (I love you Jeffrey Combs). Transformers Prime: The Game essentially acts as a feature-length lost-episode of Transformers Prime. A must for fans of the show and probably The best Transformers game on any Nintendo platform.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (PS3, XB360, PC, 2012)
In terms of game play, the Transformers Cybertron games offer nothing new. Typical run-and-gun action, a 10-or-so-hour campaign and some pretty bland scenery. But what Fall of Cybertron does best, it does fantastically well. GREAT character designs. The variety of characters and game play styles is on-point, throw in some awesome set pieces and being able to play as GRIMLOCK and you’re onto a winner. Plus the Multiplayer gaming is really fun and you can still find lobbies for it. The Transformers Cybertron games are prequels to the Transformers: Prime and Robots in Disguise TV shows, making up the “Aligned Continuity”; so if you like those shows then absolutely give this game a go.

Transformers (PS2, Melbourne House / Atari, 2004)
To me, this game obviously qualifies as the best Transformers game. Choose from one of three Autobots and fight Decepticons all across Earth. Transformers 2004 ties into the Armada cartoon and toyline and introduces the Mini-Cons – tiny robots that when “power-linked” to larger Transformers, unlock new abilities and weapon modes. For the time, the graphics are out of this world and the gameplay transitioning between robot and vehicle modes is near-perfect. Difficulty balance is spot on, the story is pretty decent and the Mini-Con gimmick adds tons of replay value. I started re-playing this game for this video and I’m going to continue pushing for 100% completion.

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  1. Why people dont like adventures of cybertron ?

  2. You know what we need. an open world transformer game.


  4. Transformers Devastation for me was easily the best one I grew up in the 80's and its the only transformer that capture the Cartoon and the originals perfect. All the other games were shoot' em up trash on the Xbox 360. Any Transformer fans that grew up in the 80's know it's not contest which is the best game.

  5. Hasbro really needs to rerelease PS2's Transformers (2004)! A PS4 version would ultimately retire my aging PS2 since my favourite game would be on HD.

  6. I agree that the Armada game is the best, I only have a few problems with it myself.

    1; Other character choices. While Optimus, Red Alert, and Hot Shot are all fun to play as in one way or another, I think it would have been fun to able to play as other Autobots like Smokescreen/Blurr/Scavenger/Side Swipe. Maybe even Sideways and Perceptor.

    2; Low number of levels/bosses. While not exactly small, I think it would have been better if it had more Decepticons to fight, Demolisher/Thrust/Wheeljack/Sideways.

    3; Unable to play as one of the villains. You can't deny that'd be be fun to play as them, especially the flying ones.

  7. I think TF 2007 or ROTF for the DS are great games. Heck it is what made me a transformers fan

  8. You are right for number 1 I Loved transformers for ps2 as a kid

  9. I know it wasn't great but transformers rotds deserves at least 5th

  10. Japan ps2 transformers tataki was the best for me

  11. This is my list in my opinion.
    5. The transformers movie game (i hate bayformers too but it was my childhood)
    3.transformers: devastation
    1. Both cybertron games at the same spot cause i cant choose

  12. Controversial opinion I rather liked the Japanese Transformers game from 2003 for PS2.

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