Insane Toy Room Tour! TMNT, MOTU, Transformers, Games, ... Behind The Collector #4 -

Insane Toy Room Tour! TMNT, MOTU, Transformers, Games, … Behind The Collector #4

Ed’s Retro Geek Out
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In today’s video I head out to Stockmanscollection’s Toy & Game room for an in depth look around!
One of the cleanest looking collectors cave’s i’ve been to :-O loads of ninja turtles & other eighties and nineties retro goodness!

TMNT, MOTU, Transformers, Retro Games, Nintendo, Sega, Lego, Vintage Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and lots more in this game room tour, well actually more of a toy room tour!

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  1. Kernel's Toy Vlog (KTV) 📺🤖🚗 says:

    awesome toy room and coollexionz! I'm drooling 🙂

  2. I've been gaming since 1977 at age 9-present and still own all my original games and consoles in there boxes are any of these games and consoles from your childhood.

  3. Sheesh. I need that Power Rangers console.

  4. If I was a kid I would have passed out when I saw all of those GI Joe's.

  5. Talk about a VERY LUCKY MAN to have that collection I've got a collection of some Toys an I know it has cost me big money an my collection wouldn't even put a dent into this guy's collection so to have this collection man you would have to be RICH or WEALTHY as all get out

  6. This saved me so much money. You can only look at the figures anyway because you can’t open them so I’ll just look at the figures through the video.

  7. 80’s-90’s was the best time to be a kid!

  8. How on earth does one attain a collection like this!? It's like he worked at the manufacturing shop and litterally took one of everything!!!! One of a kind collection and absolutely amazing.

  9. Who tf says "foot soldier army?"
    Foot CLAN bruh!!

  10. Not sure what’s more impressive, his collection or his ability to keep it clean and dust free..

  11. I never really understood collecting… but man I love these videos

  12. I am from Villa Carlos Paz Córdoba Argentina. I don't speak english very well but I want say: it's very beautiful the colletion. I haven't that toy room but I like very much.

  13. He has more stuff than than the Torpedo Comics Vegas Store.

  14. WOW… that’s serious dedication. I wonder if it’s all worth anything or just a massive waste of money??? In a couple of generations time it’ll be worth nothing.

  15. I would probably have a similar collection but I would let my kids or grandchildren play with them. Toys are meant for kids and to be played with.

  16. The original release in the early mid 80s toys are the only ones that interest me

  17. Streets of rage music right at the end, great, I’d love all the Star Wars toys 😍😍😍

  18. I have to ask, what would the approximate value of this collection be????

  19. I always wanted the megatron gun as a kid. Someone had it and it was amazing.

  20. The willpower you gotta have to not open that stuff 🙈

  21. This video actually makes me not want to collect toys

  22. Colossal collection!. If I owned this I would Sell it All & Buy A House!.

  23. The thin line between collecting and hoarding is always organization.

  24. As a TMNT collector this is Heaven – Please adopt me 🤣🐢🤤🤤🤤🤤

  25. I admire seeing all the carded toys, and I admire their restraint in not opening everything, as I am a chronic opener. I keep cards and boxes, but, that's nowhere near this level of dedication.

  26. What is the name of the furthest I’m the back turtle-shape base set at 19:23? Had it back when I was a kid. Thanks!

  27. Hi. I note that the boxes and packages are not protected by plastic bags. It can be seen that they are outside the room. How do they protect against moisture and
    what advice can you give us?

  28. The '80s had the best ,toys ,movies cartoons , games of all times…😊 I'm proud to be at the perfect age around that time to enjoy it 😊💕💕💕

  29. His house is a mini museum 😲👏👏👏

  30. Imagine he put links in the description for all the toys

  31. Wow it's huge and cleaner than mine😅

  32. Would enjoy you guys do a segment on my dedicated 12” GI Joe room! Over 280 figures in the box and vehicles from 1996 to 2004. It’s pretty intense. Great video BTW!

  33. I distinctly remember seeing all of those last rare turtles, including scratch, in a Toys R Us near my great grandmother's home back in the day. I just wasn't huge on the designs. Really wish I had picked them up. At least I got all the chrome ones.

  34. Susi und John lesen VIEW-MASTER Booklets vor says:

    Hi Ed, we saw your video, liked it and subscribed to your
    channel because we love Retro Toys. We are also fascinated
    by the 3D-VIEW-MASTER and we read the old View-Master Booklets
    on our channel to the old reels. Who of You remembers the
    awesome and cool viewers? 🥽

  35. My favorite part of the collection is the TMNT stuff ninja turtles holds a special place in my heart ❤

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