Inside Cybertron: Dinobots Unleashed, Official Transformers Game Video -

Inside Cybertron: Dinobots Unleashed, Official Transformers Game Video

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High Moon Studios talks about their incredible journey with Hasbro to bring back the Dinobots in the highly anticipated Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game, launching August 21st, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


  1. You have a good mom. I know it's a drag, but she's looking out for you.

  2. I'd like to know what the game after Fall of Cybertron will be. The Prime cartoon has created numerous possibilities for a "once they're on Earth" video game that can tie in, and it can go into various missions of them trying to blend in, or battle M.E.C.H., before the regular storyline begins.

  3. so sludge is the brachiosaurus…i would've loved to see him in action

  4. Still hope they make DLC for singleplayer, so you can play with each of the dinobots…1 mission per dinobot…including Sludge

  5. That's another continuty. This is new "Prime" Universe.

  6. Don't get me wrong, I love being Grimlock, but I would like to be his T-rex form for more than 20 seconds!!!! Why does it have to be timed!!?? 🙁

  7. Hasbro is the best and the awesome game company ever,,,,i must say

  8. Why is this game so god damn awesome!? I cant stop playing it

  9. Anyone else bummed that Sludge was killed off before he even became a Dinobot?

  10. I am! I can't enjoy the dinobots anymore becaues they left sludge out of multiplayer, my only gripe about this game!

  11. I guess its more power rangers than transformers 😀

  12. too bad Sludge never made it into the damn game. he would've been fun to play as.

  13. Michael Bay states that Grimlock may appear in Transformers 4.
    C'mon lets shout his name in hopes of wanting him to appear.

  14. The next game has to be set on Earth if they are following the G1 story


    fuk off it must be energon…..hhow robots bleed

  16. who here besides me DEMANDS Sludge back and playable if their is a new game?

  17. kinda sucks that Sludge wasn't featured in this game. :/

  18. So I wonder if according to this version, if Grimlock and co. had regular vehicle modes if any.

  19. I really like the dinobots but you could add a mother dinobot what could transform into spinosaurs

  20. Sludge died remember..IIII MMMMIISSSSSS HHHHIIIMMM D;

  21. Why did you make Sludge if you just killed him off basically we didn't even really get to know him he was my favorite Dinobot and I will forever remember him R.I.P Sludge 🙁

  22. I wish they would make a raccoon transformer that only goes a night and his name is up to them

  23. Why did y'all have to make Sludge Die y'all should of Made Snarl die or Slug


  25. نحتاج إلى لعبة أخرى من هذا النوع

  26. i wish you could play as all the dino bots in campaign

  27. Can you ask hasbro to make this game on Xbox1s

  28. They explain how important they are and they never included sludge

  29. Pls make the dinobots combine into volcanicus

  30. I’m can understand why they wouldn’t want to put sludge in the game, I think the actual mass of the actual character model would be too large for the engine and the levels

  31. I LOVE the Dinobots! Why can’t I BE grimlock!

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