Is Assassin's Creed the "Transformers" of games? | Play, Watch, Listen ep. 21 -

Is Assassin’s Creed the “Transformers” of games? | Play, Watch, Listen ep. 21

Alanah Pearce
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  1. Tbh i find it pretty annoying when annual franchise depicts my nation as nazis killing children and stuff like that. I know that that is a work of fiction but it purposefully creates stereotypes about russians, and for the most part we are the same as everyone else. We aren’t responsible for the actions of our government and we consume a lot of international media, and almost every time a russian soldier is a twisted maniac who wants to kill capitalists. And the cherry on top is that after they make games like this they are shocked when their games aren’t allowed in our country where censorship is just a little bit softer than in China

  2. assassins creed revelations killed it for me. I was heavily into the Desmond Miles gameplay and story. sad they scrapped it and moved the franchise as a cash cow, milking it for all its worth.

  3. Nolan North once said that Desmond was supposed to learn how to read his ancestors' memories without the Animus thanks to bleeding effect. He would be able to just jump between memories as he pleased like a superhuman. And Patrice Desilets stated that his plan for AC3 was also the American Revolution so that stayed the same. As for the ending I theorized that when Desmond is showed a possible future, him becoming a prophet and all that, then that is the original ending that was planned for the trilogy and it was their way of including the idea.

  4. I loved assassin's creed up until 3, when it reached history I was very familiar with, and then I got punched in the face with the sudden realization that the whole thing was just bad fanfiction and I just didn't realize it for the games covering historical periods I didn't have in-depth knowledge on.

  5. Transformers and AC are both made by abusive people

  6. I have to agree with Alanah in that I was heavily invested in AC and the Sci Fi elements of the story. I fell out of it when it moved away from it. Like…the games still look interesting, but I dont have any desire to play them anymore and havent played one since Revelations. Not because they are bad, they actually look quite nice and fun. But idk…out of principle? Like, I just cant bring myself to get invested again. I was super into the idea of this ancestral deep diving and then bringing all that skill into the modern era to fight the new age templars. Exploring all the secrets of that ancient BC, high tech society, and those mythical super powered artifacts. Now the series is a different beast altogether. You dont even need to be an ancestor in order to deep dive anymore. You could be just any old Joe as long as they have the DNA sequence of that person in the animus I guess. You also arent even some fixture like you were with Ezio. You're just someone who could be anyone.
    I get that not a lot of people like the going back and forth from present to past, but I wish Ubi had kind of at least taken the route Activision did with Call of Duty at least, with having this one franchise with multiple branching continuities. One continuity would be the journey of Desmond and his ancestry trying to take on Abstergo, and the other would be all the historical focused deep dives. That way they wouldnt even need all those science focused intros and de-syncs anymore.

  7. Stealth missions with a giant fucking transforming robots is a brilliant idea. I don't see what's wrong with this.

  8. 1:18:30 Alanah I think you've forgotten something here. You don't have to torture that guy, GTA V gives you an out to not want to do it. There's an option to skip over all of that and you would just get the outside perspective.

  9. That was the main appeal for Assassins Creed for me, that we were eventually going to be a modern day assassin. Haven't played a game in the franchise since, since I hated the North American themed one.. Might give one of the newer ones a go soon though, not much coming out before Cyberpunk, all of the big titles I wanted are out now. A fucking amazing year for gaming.

  10. "It's an astonishing achievement of terrible filmmaking" – loved that phrase)

  11. Really solid episode. Hearing your opinions about Assassins’s Creed was good and I’d like to hear more about that. AC’s always been a staple franchise for me.

    As always, hearing Troy talk about Joel and TLOU and getting to hear how invested he is in that world is incredibly moving.

  12. You all act like The last of us was the be all end all of gaming every week meanwhile Death Stranding had the best first 20 min in videogame history.

  13. I've never listened to this podcast until now, I love it, great conversation.

  14. you can't really compare trash to another trash when they're both trash

  15. If you want to see a great review of The last of us 2 go watch skill up’s review

  16. Mike taking so long to continue TLOU2 tells me he was not really that impressed. 😉 I mean he had a month before Ghost of Tsushima came out to finish it before jumping to the next game. Yet he still didn't manage.

  17. id like to disagree witht he ending piece there…humans make mistakes, sure, but in desperate situations, where it's do or die you pick do every time…people who have lived that kind of life, been through that traumatic journey, they dont get soft like that, even after 20 years…there's plenty of psychological research to back that up as well

  18. The problem I have with shadow of war is how shit story and quests are structured cause nemesis system, conquering outposts and forts is actually fun.

  19. I like slow time better the bullet time makes me feel more powerful

  20. Also everyone forgets Tommy actually revealed both of their names when they first met Abby to calm her down cause she was freaked out. It's not like Joel saying it again made a difference.

  21. Roll this back! Nobody gonna mention the nuclear grade shade that Mike laid Ubisoft out with? 37:48

  22. Ubisoft trying to sue Warner over shadow of mordor because the towers and climbing was to similar to assassins creed

  23. Let's not forget the ending of Metal Gear Solid 3 where the player has to press square as Naked Snake to kill The Boss and trigger the ending cutscene and credits.

  24. Mr. Baker… Please don't dismiss James McCaffrey's part in making Max Payne's character to what he is. "somebody else"? Come on man, as an actor I'd expect you to be a bit more specific.

  25. On the topic of retroactively ruining previous installments, there is an army of people who are adamant that GoT season 8 destroyed any desire to rewatch the series at all.

  26. this podcast is literally just people making a statement, then walking it back five or six times in the following 30 seconds, probably to not step on the feet of any possible contacts/business partners they may have (or get) in the industry.

  27. Last of Us 2 wasn't bad because they disrespected Joel. It was bad because they cut a very well developed character from much of the game replacing him with a group of uninteresting poorly developed characters. I'm sick of people thinking that if you didn't like it you are a Joel fan boy. I am a good writing and character fan boy. The new characters are boring. Another thing is there is a difference between "well that happens in real life" and hey this story is off the rails, has zero focus and no interesting development. There is a lot of "this is the story we wanted to tell" and "you don't get what you want!" It is fiction and if it does not have a focus or content of interest it is bad. They story they wanted to tell was a boring, predictable revenge plot. The story being told is very shallow masquerading as a think piece about telling an uncompromising story.

  28. The Last of Us Part 2: "Guess what, we're shitty people Joel. It's been that way for a long time."

  29. Last of us 2 is the definition of bad writing.

  30. I do not know if this is the case with EA but Disney when purchasing Marvel and Star Wars inherited ongoing contracts. And some deals made in the 90s were worded crazy. The North American board game license for star wars is exclusively Fantasy Flight Games an Asmodee company. With Marvel Disney World can't use any of those heroes because Universal has exclusive marvel attraction rights within a certain mileage.

  31. I agree to an extent. It is true that often times the sequel makes an older game less fun because the new one has better mechanics. However sometimes a better and more interesting story makes the first game seem like it was lacking something. Take Red dead redemption. That was a great game no doubt… but the sequel (prequel really) in my opinion had even more heart and it made me wish RDR1 had more references to it and more story beats tied to the in game past. I get that RDR2 is a prequel and so they couldn't have anticipated all the characters and their arcs when they made RDR1… but it just got me thinking. Wouldn't it be awesome for an RDR1 remake where John references Arthur, Saddie, Charles… etc. Imagine instead of Bill saying to John, "I'm in charge, no more Dutch, no more Arthur and no more you" That single dialogue addition would just elevate the story of RDR1 for me (even higher than it already is). I know that RDR2 will probably have a remastered version on PS5 but I think they might remake RDR1 with the RDR2 engine and make a few additions to the story like I mentioned. I mean all the assets are there. They just need to access the old audio files and re-purpose them as well as add a few extra lines of dialogue. In fact, imagine if they merge the two games for a PS5 release. At the end of RDR2 you seamlessly start the story of RDR1, with a few extra missions to bridge the gap between the games. That would be AWESOME! And if RDR3 goes further back in time they could eventually combine all three games on PS5 or PS6 and create one masterpiece. Anyway let me stop getting ahead of myself hahaha. Also still want an infamous second son 2 haha. Alright essay over. Peace!

  32. I'll forgive Mike for his retelling of the history of Splash Mountain as its rooted largely in American History. Splash the movie was only an idea that was thrown out at the time when they were trying to distance themselves from the original inspiration of the ride, Br'er Rabbit and Uncle Remus. It was immediately turned down.

  33. Relatively old podcast, but fwiw, you don't have to shoot in No Russian. It's completely optional, it doesn't change anything.

  34. I think thq Nordic is one of the best gaming company’s. They just remaster or remake classics that everyone loves. I hope they do Simpson’s hit and run next lol 🤞🤞.

  35. I would love to hear you guys talk about the Star Wars sequels. As someone who sees flaws but genuinely enjoys the majority of it, I'd live hear your take as you very closely treaded towards the topic when you guys were discussing sequels.

  36. As someone who first played No Russian as a 12 year boy, I didn't find that mission horrifying in any way.
    It's not that I'm okay to with shooting people. I will find it appalling if I see it happening somewhere else. But in this particular mission, I feel nothing. It was one of my favorite missions infact.

    Only when Austin mentioned it now I realized "Oh yeah that was pretty bad".

  37. I did not like the ending of AC 3 because i didn't agree with the choice Desmond makes at the end. I've made peace with that in the time since the game came out but i see now that's the same as people complaining Joel and Ellie aren't the same people in TLoU 2.

    One of my biggest complaints with with Assassin's Creed now is they tied up the whole Juno thing in a series of comics(which i didn't realize until recently) and they BARELY reference it in the games(as an email in Odyssey).


  39. Hey, I know this is late….but I finished Valhalla and it answers a lot of lore related questions and has the best AC story since Black Flag. Please do try it

  40. Well there not a real woman whatever way u wanna see it I’m sorry but every time I talked to someone about this subject and there on the side of saying a trans women is a real woman or trans man is a real man I always asked them if they would have sex with a trans man or woman and there answers is either no or danced around now that’s not to say there not a real person because they are and they should and need to be treated with respect but dignity but the fact remains that a trans women is still biologically a man and Vice-versa it is what it is but if that’s what that person wants to do that’s totally fine but they shouldn’t except the hole world to not see them as a trans women as a biological woman and if a guy was to date/ have sex with a trans women and clam he’s straight he’s not he’s gay and there’s nothing wrong with that either im just getting sick of the hole world has to adjust there hole way of thinking because that person got there filings hurt because someone has a different opinion literally taking away freedom of speech and thinking

  41. What a fascinating conversation on MW2 and "No Russian". I played that game when I was maybe 15 and got none of that from the game, it was just; "shoot those pixels". There was no outside context or thought provocation to that mission for me. I remember the most impactful thing from that mission being the playable character dying in a cutscene since that was the first time I saw that happen. There was absolutely no emotional response to the content otherwise, in fact I think I replayed that level quite a few times because it was such an easy level with loads of targets that don't shoot back. Before I make myself sound too much like a psychopath; everything in that was completely disconnected from actual reality. It wasn't "haha look a those people running away" it was "those pixels are moving that-a-way".

  42. Hopefully it doesnt sound like im shitting on em – austin

  43. James Mcaffery voiced Max Payne in all 3 games. He's also in control and funnily enough He voiced the main character in the Alone in the dark reboot they mention.

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