Launch Trailer - Transformers Dark of the Moon -

Launch Trailer – Transformers Dark of the Moon

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  1. @TTTgundams holy crap, it fits almost exactly!!! LOL

  2. Transformers 3 Best Battle Song right here everyone


  3. @TheGamemasterNP
    the game is bad i admit,
    the movie was like :O
    i saw it in 3d shit my pants 🙂

  4. @TTTgundams the same works for assasin creed brotherhood trailer it fits perfect and its soo epic!!!!!!!!!

  5. The way Optimus used his trailer? WTF didn't Michael Bay use that in his film?
    Note: WTF is (Why The F*CK)

  6. 0:57 LOL the same decepticon drone as ROTF the game

  7. All the best scenes, right here. Wait to buy the game when it's under $20 and/or has some decent DLC.

  8. i bet this is a prequel before transformers 3 because remember in the last part megtron ask shock wave to retreive and item then in the movie he gets it but optimus prime like sliced the arm that had the item

  9. @DarkXRazorX119 It's common knowledge that this game is a prequel.

  10. I admit the game had a little something in it to play but I prefer to play the cybertron games.

  11. ti got the game it took me 4 hours to beat shockwave he was more op than trypticon and a brute from wfc put together

  12. yeah as much as i love transformers this one just doesn't do it for me. it seemed like it was made in such a rush and everything just had to be done quickly with not much work put into it and the graphics were horrible. i bought this game and was immediately put off by it especially when i had to meet ratchet and he told me to meet up and "compare progress" . plus the game itself is very short. That's the first game iv'e ever returned and i din't even bother to play multiplayer.

  13. the only problem is that the story and controls suck too and im a huge fan of transformers

  14. this game is the story before the dark of the moon movie.notice on the last part were megatron and his decepticons went to africa and told shockwave to retrieve an item that is on chernobyle and on the movie. it shows optimus prime driving his truck and then driller attacks

  15. Everyone, I recommend that we all stick to the War For Cybertron and Fall Of Cybertron (if it's good) series when it comes to Transformers video games.


  17. I admire your spirit and faith. However, I recommend that you don't blindly believe that this game will be awesome. In my opinion, WFC was a great game. We should stick to the reviews of different sources. We should also get public feedback from other people. Then, we can have a decision.

  18. Do you mean the movie adaptions of the games or WFC?

  19. i mean the movie adaptation of transformers 3. wfc is great and the first 2 movie adaptations weren't bad either.

  20. Well okay. Are you psyched about Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron?

  21. Yeah definitely it looks like a really great game. I love all transformers I just didn't like the transformers 3 game but I can't wait till fall of cybertron comes out

  22. I love how in the trailer, it shows only the parts where megatron is getting hit but you actually kick optimus's ass in the campaign :p

  23. this game is awesome!!!!
    lol Im buying this game no matter what!!:P

  24. yes! right i said the same thing great movie tittle but way too short

  25. dont want to be hating but this game sucks compare to the other….thats based on the cartoon more

  26. my computer is like 2 years old and i cant run this. dafuq?

  27. only thing i like about these games was sideswipe he was a beast .

  28. FoC compared to both of these games are crap

  29. this looks shit comparing to war for cybertron and fall of cybertron i hope high moon will make more transformers games to keep the franchise alive in gaming community

  30. Actually when u play the game it's sort of fun

  31. This is what happened before the movie, dark of the moon.

  32. man this game was SHORT i got it from gamefly and i finished it the same day.

  33. hold on, why is warpath in this game? haven't played it yet, so anyone care to tell me?

  34. This was tons better then Rise of the Dark Spark, and that's just pathetic.

  35. I think transformers fall of cybertron has better graphics  (sorry if I misspelled)

  36. i dont really know why this game is a prequel to the actual movie

  37. In my opinion high moon made the TF games bad. Thats why Transformers: The Game and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game are the best ones.

  38. Everything: Waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War 4, Marvel's Spider-Man on PC.

    Me: Waiting Transformers Dark of the Moon on PC or at least backwards compatibility on Xbox ONE.

  39. This game, was pretty decent. Too short, beat it in two days, amd thats with class, work and a girlfriend being part of my life. My friend hated this game though.

  40. This was the first game to fade away in early 2018. This was my childhood right here, playing as Shockwave in the multiplayer never got old. Hopefully one day it'll get a remaster of some sort.

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