Launch Trailer - Transformers Dark of the Moon -

Launch Trailer – Transformers Dark of the Moon

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  1. Who else thought when they first bought the game, it was gonna end like the movie

  2. This was the first game to fade away in early 2018. This was my childhood right here, playing as Shockwave in the multiplayer never got old. Hopefully one day it'll get a remaster of some sort.

  3. This game, was pretty decent. Too short, beat it in two days, amd thats with class, work and a girlfriend being part of my life. My friend hated this game though.

  4. Everything: Waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War 4, Marvel's Spider-Man on PC.

    Me: Waiting Transformers Dark of the Moon on PC or at least backwards compatibility on Xbox ONE.

  5. In my opinion high moon made the TF games bad. Thats why Transformers: The Game and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game are the best ones.

  6. i dont really know why this game is a prequel to the actual movie

  7. I think transformers fall of cybertron has better graphics  (sorry if I misspelled)

  8. This was tons better then Rise of the Dark Spark, and that's just pathetic.

  9. hold on, why is warpath in this game? haven't played it yet, so anyone care to tell me?

  10. man this game was SHORT i got it from gamefly and i finished it the same day.

  11. This is what happened before the movie, dark of the moon.

  12. Actually when u play the game it's sort of fun

  13. this looks shit comparing to war for cybertron and fall of cybertron i hope high moon will make more transformers games to keep the franchise alive in gaming community

  14. FoC compared to both of these games are crap

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