New Open World Transformers/Gundam-Like Game Looks So Good, But Has One Weird Feature -

New Open World Transformers/Gundam-Like Game Looks So Good, But Has One Weird Feature

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Check out your very first look at the new Open-World Mech RPG game ‘Phantom Galaxies’ coming to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC which has you fight an extremely dangerous alien foe, with other online players. The game looks really great, with different mechs, characters and space ship to choose from, but has a feature that could either ruin it, or make it even better? It’s about monetization.

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  1. I’m definitely suspicious bout this game

  2. As if pay to win and bots wasnt already bad enough. Now we have more problems.

  3. Armored core will never become reality when the majority likes mechwarrrior

  4. I don't think the NFT aspect will prove successfull but I commend the devs for doing something novel.

  5. クッソカッコいいな、なぜ日本のマクロスはコレができない

  6. Khuukh khuukkh kheeghhg khek kheeek sound effect

  7. i need a playstation five just for this game

  8. 何このアーマードコア?

  9. Welp, this might be one of the coolest Armored Core/ Macross inspired games I will never play due to NFT's.

  10. u couldnt make a compared to transformers or gundam?
    I would say its like Macross. >_>

  11. macross/armored core/gundam in a galaxy scale? whoaaaa

  12. Soon as I saw they was building it around blockchain and nfts that was an instant pass for me I want nothing to do with all that its a game…it should not have NFT's

  13. I can see the same thing happening that happened with the current generation consoles. Someone will set up bots to snatch up all the most prized mechs…and exploit all the other players by charging ridiculous amounts of money, and the company behind the game will have their pay and be slow to come with a solution this this dilemma.

    I really, sincerely hope that I am dead wrong because it does look amazing.

  14. DUDE, THEY MADE A MACROSS…. wait Online? NFT….. damn…. nope

  15. NFT makes the gaming culture change, but it is more becoming ironic seeing the pay-for-win culture in mobile comes to console.

  16. If the don't get rid of NFT this game will fail.

  17. Movement is way too stiff and could've been more real then kid like. Like an open world Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans with the grit, adult story and atmosphere would've been way better ….. I just wish Chromehounds 2 would come again…

  18. That actually looks kinda bad sadly

  19. Anyone here who has paid for digital skins or DLC, should not have any concerns with NFTs, its the same thing, except now an artist is actually getting paid per design as opposed to some corporate giant taking all the gains. Thoughts?

  20. Asian Gamers will grind this game into the ground.

  21. I really like gundam and I think this is a cool concept, and I actually think the NFT stuff sounds kinda cool, like if you own a mech only you own it, but the fact that they’re NFTs and you have to pay actual money throws me off. Like, I think it would be better if everyone had a starter mech and then you earn in-game currency and can buy more advanced/personal mechs which there are only a few of or even only one of in the server and you could buy them from other players or a shop or something with the in-game currency rather than real money, cuz then you could also offer trades, like you could trade one mech for a different one with people you meet in game or with friends or whatever

  22. holy shit this looks good i miss hawken fights, this is hawken and star conflict had a baby

  23. this is anthem all over again. Just remember guys, never preorder a game.

  24. As a deprived Armored Core fan, this looks absolutely incredible.

  25. I hope currency is like war frames way of trading and selling and buying cause that would make more sense

  26. In ps5…. come on…. 😭😭😭😭😭

  27. It's Like buying a Skin that nobody else can own…. imagine spamming the buy button when a new mech drops😄

  28. Man how come we'll never see Mechs move again like they could in armored core 4answer😭

  29. The nft part seems so cool to me! Brings value to the game

  30. This looks Super Dope, as a transformers fan id love to play this Especially when there's a Full on Drought for TF Games, But the fact they got NFTs just broke the deal

  31. Looks very good, it seems like it'll be singleplayer. (didn't watch the whole vid just skipped through so it might've been said)

  32. Looks good! I love to pilot these mechs for free too! Bring it on! ":)

  33. Can't wait to be disappointed like Cyber punk. This would literally be the best game every made. if we every get to see it

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