New Transformers Video Game 2020 | Trailer Breakdown & Rant! -

New Transformers Video Game 2020 | Trailer Breakdown & Rant!

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New Transformers Game Trailer. What’s going on guys? RBG here bringing you more news on Transformers. I know I have been dealing out a constant onslaught of Marvel related content. Leaving some of you guys asking me when I’m gonna post any Transformers videos. Which I’m not gonna lie I kinda can’t help but scratch my head in confusion because last month was the most consistent I’ve been with TF content. I posted 6 back to back videos including a video game review and hardly anyone watched. I’m not sure if those uploads got lost in the shuffle of Spider-Man Miles Morales and Marvel’s Avengers videos or YouTube refuses to send those notifications even though you’ve subbed and clicked the bell. But I’m gonna try to be as proactive as possible and upload as much Transformers content as I can because I know you guys are hungry for that particular content. And I wanna keep everyone on this channel fed whether it be the Marvel, TF, or any other community I’m associated with. But anyways I wanted to do a rant on the current landscape of Transformers video games because it seems like Hasbro isn’t really trying to make noteworthy titles as they have in yester years. They’re moreso focused on expanding their new Evergreen Transformers style to as many mediums as possible. Whether it be shows, videos games, etc. And to break this down into lamense terms Evergreen is essentially a style that isn’t really tied to a particular lore. Its like you’re getting familiar looking versions of these characters that borrow certain design elements from things like G1 and the movies. But they are for the most part unified because Hasbro wants to make it easier for fans new and old to distinguish who these characters are without becoming confused. I personally think that they should’ve continued to give us these unique designs that set them apart from previous iterations.

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  1. We got better Transformers stuff the moment Aaron Archer departed from Hasbro. He didn't understand what fans wanted.

  2. Hasbro doesn't care anymore, it's just milk the TF name. Even the new figures are lame and keep getting smaller.

  3. They should make a game based on g1 to the movie to the real g2 into headmasters, but 86 the awful Japanese version.
    Ubisoft should do it since they can actually make a world rather than tre arch or others who make a maze with chosen routes.
    It would be cooler to use the g1 sonce they look the best.

  4. Man I was JUST saying we need a new TF game n then they keep doing this FUCK shit

  5. they could totally make a Battlefront 2 style 20 v. 20 3rd person shooter using tons of different transformers. that game is still gaining players even today and would be a good model to follow imo

  6. Hasbro has never cared about quality. Only quantity. People will always buy the toys and games, no matter what. Why try? Ughhh

  7. Totally agree with your thoughts on the cyberton and devastation games , i really wish we had more games like those.

    I also remember playing a transformers game on the PS2 based on the armada cartoon It had minicons you could equip to give you abilities or power boosts. While the use of transforming wasnt really needed (you could pretty much play the whole game in robot mode) it was still a pretty cool game.

  8. Hasbro needs to put more affort in this Brand. Hasbro toys quality is decreasing (most of the time). And the Games… are not worth any attention since Devastation atleast…
    FOC and WOC where great..

  9. I just don't understand, If they really wanted to make a boat load of money they should just make a third cybertron game that equates or surpasses the quality of FOC, idk why they keep pumping out things the fans don't want thinking that'll work

  10. Truth be told even devastation’s days were numbered as once you completed the campaign the first time there was no reason to play it anymore

  11. Also why are people bothering with VR anymore? Yeah it’s amazing but it’s so expensive barely anyone can afford it. My dreams of VR died a LONG time ago

  12. I want proper games about the bayverse films

  13. I think there will be different skins for each tf mirco transaction so maybe they will just show off those evergreen styles just for a beginning portion of the game

  14. There should be a transformers fighting game that would have a similar play style to mortal kombat

  15. I like transformers battleground cuz its the only transformers game on Nintendo switch

  16. There should be a battlefield inspired transformers the world is set perfectly for the game. upgrading and customisation could be pretty big customising alt and robot form and upgrade the alt form and robot form. And with planes and tanks you could get bots or cons that transform between tank and a big robot form

  17. I need a new game pretty much exactly the same as War For and Fall Of Cybertron. (Just with a different story)

  18. Nothing will beat war for cybertron the escalation mode was so fun

  19. I hope that they make games just like they used to, like fall of cybertron

  20. I like the ever green idea. I watched those michael bay transformer films and it was the first time I could not tell the characters apart

  21. I want a bay game bro I'm tired of g1

  22. I wish they reactivated the ps3 transformers games multiplayer, like dark of the moon and revenge of the fallen

  23. I dont mind the more simplified designs, if they are interesting but all this trashware cashgrabbing is really wearing on me. I wouldnt mind another Devastation style game or War for Cybertron, which were great. as for movies, can we just get the opening to Bumblebee but full length feature movie. honestly, the best part was that mindblowing opening. the bumblee movie was decent but god, that opening scene brought a tear to my eye.

  24. God forsakened us making us Transformers fans, couldn't we have been wow players or smth with content. Transformers is a gem no one wants to get involved with.

  25. Battlegrounds made me fall asleep while playing on the 2nd day I tried it. I almost begged Sony to refund my money for it since it was the gift cards were a Christmas gift but they said nope. You made a good move not buying it. Devastation deserved a sequel.

  26. I want a sequel to Transformers Devastation , or maybe a Beast Wars Video Game.

  27. I miss plaing Transformers games but the battleground one looks like shit

  28. With the computer tech we have now why not do a game where G1, Beast Wars, and the Cybertron series crossover?

  29. I want more transformers mainline console games :((

  30. All I want is a transformers PS2 remaster. The game with the minicons or war for cybertron remaster either or works 😭

  31. I never managed to get into Warframe. But if a Transformers online game has similar gameplay to warframe I think I would love it mainly due to it being new and a franchise I know more about

  32. I so miss the days of the cybertron games those are 2 of my favorite games ever made

  33. A solid successor to the cybertron games is one of the only games I would spend $60 on. But where things are, I don’t wanna drop another dime on their games until I see some improvement

  34. I didn't buy Battlegrounds for the same reasons. Glad I didn't. I-m only supporting good quality games like War, Fall, and Devastation. Universe was promising but it was only in China. Earth Wars and Forged on mobile are good but not console games.

  35. Im Gen X and cyberverse hasn't won me over. But I did like Transformers Prime.

  36. Battle tactics was my fav game in years and it was on my phone of all things.. dice rolling shooter back and forth but it got cancelled… total shit!

  37. I rather have War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron Remastered on next gen systems then an entirely new game made!

  38. These are great but I still want a new modern transformers game

  39. Yo thx so much for the 50 % off because I've started my channel and really want to make it as a creater

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