Nintendo Wii U Longplay [016] Transformers Prime The Game -

Nintendo Wii U Longplay [016] Transformers Prime The Game

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  1. This brings back so many memories and nostalgia

  2. I'm surprised that you can play as Ratchet. He goes on missions in the Prime series once in a while.

  3. im on a nostalgia trip rn. My brother and i used to play this game all the time.

  4. Something in the video when is it auntie's iPods open already

  5. At 1:05:45 it reminds me of that scene when Bumblebee was on a green jet and destroying the sides for it to catch on fire

  6. The boss fight in Wii game look so easy than the ds game

  7. Bumblebee car game 🎮agali bar bumblebee car game

  8. This game looks an awful lot like the TV series

  9. Idk if I’m right but I think this was on DS (idk which one) but like I said I’m not too sure

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