Nintendo Wii U Longplay [016] Transformers Prime The Game -

Nintendo Wii U Longplay [016] Transformers Prime The Game

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  1. Ya know what I really despise?

    Is when your doing combos, you will see that the screen goes slow-mo real quick and the background blurs a bit. Anyone else notice that?

  2. All yall remember how op starscream is? Same
    cough homing missles
    cough cough 4 missiles

  3. No offense but this guy is kinda trash getting all those times by the bosses when i played this game i did so much better.

  4. Optimus on the first megatron fight said "You know I'm gonna stop you megatron" like it's imperative he wins

    Edit: fixed broken word

  5. Is it too much to ask for the ORIGINAL gun sound effects from the 80's?!?!??!?!?!?!


  7. Happy 10th Anniversary Transformers Prime

  8. Imagine if this had been made by HighMoon Studios instead…

  9. Transformers prime wii vs wiiu vs ps3 vs android vs xbox 360 who will win

  10. 10 / Syed Md Shoaib Asdaque / class-6 'A' says:

    This is my favourite show ever ever

  11. Didn't they say this happened between seasons one and two or was it two and three

  12. I wish those other cons were in the show because that way we would know it's not just cars and fliers

  13. Bumblebee is car named the Barbama 500 because I saw in the taking the auto out of a autobot is so not a good thing

  14. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🙏🏻

  15. this was one of the game of my childhood. i have so many memories. and the graphics looked wayyy better when i was a kid

  16. i remember playing this game on my 3ds and let me tell you one of the most underrated transformers game i played

  17. Idk if I’m right but I think this was on DS (idk which one) but like I said I’m not too sure

  18. This game looks an awful lot like the TV series

  19. Bumblebee car game 🎮agali bar bumblebee car game

  20. The boss fight in Wii game look so easy than the ds game

  21. At 1:05:45 it reminds me of that scene when Bumblebee was on a green jet and destroying the sides for it to catch on fire

  22. Something in the video when is it auntie's iPods open already

  23. im on a nostalgia trip rn. My brother and i used to play this game all the time.

  24. I'm surprised that you can play as Ratchet. He goes on missions in the Prime series once in a while.

  25. This brings back so many memories and nostalgia

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