One Player Spent $150,000 On A Bad Transformers Game -

One Player Spent $150,000 On A Bad Transformers Game

Jim Sterling
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The sheer amount of shady money flowing through the mobile games market is staggering. A mountain of shoddy free-to-play titles are raking in cash from so-called “whales” without a shred of accountability.

One such game, Transformers: Earth Wars was recently revealed to have made $150,000 off a single player, and developer Yodo1 is not ashamed to spread the word.

It is a bad game. I played it. It’s awful. It doesn’t matter if these games are good, however, they just have be insidiously designed enough to con people out of cash. Which is exactly what dozens – if not hundreds – of mobile games are doing.


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  1. video games are ruined. I'm done buying anything that offers any form of in-game transactions. I'm not buying incomplete games. I'm done.

  2. Im gonna download this and cheat it extremely hard and beat that guy who spent all that money

  3. Yeah the House of Commons really needs to look at the loot box situation too, spent prolly $2000 tryna get the HBRa3 insanity from COD AW and never got it.

    Also, maybe hundreds of these games? Imma say thousands if not tens of thousands

  4. I spent 150k too

    On everything I've ever bought in my life.

  5. I'd rather live in a world without video games rather than live in a world where microtransactions are still allowed to masquerade as video games.

  6. What if, right, what if this was actually just the most blatant and obvious case of money laundering.
    We'd never know.

  7. pubg mobile is the greatest one squezzing this shit.. most youtuber spend thousand of dollar just to get new skin of weapons or attire.. and this shit happend since season 1..& now pubg mobile is in season 9..almost 2 years..
    the skin is updated almost once a month.. dont know how much money they already get from player

  8. How do they even think that's in any way positive is beyond me. How. How do you become so morally corrupt that you see someone as spending 150000$ as a good thing?

  9. The background music brings me back to the dynasty warriors saga !! Man that theme song

  10. To be Honest… i play the game for 3 years now and…
    i'm quite far ahead, haven't paid a dime so far.

  11. The guy could have made his own damn transformers game at that point.

  12. I played that transformers game, I thought it was pretty good. But stopped play after I got to the point where it took 2 days for a basic upgrade.
    I acknowledge I'm a huge transformers fan, so the nostalgia of the characters might have blinded me to the bland gameplay.

  13. that's probably a few times more than it cost to even make the game lmao

  14. It's like a drug dealer boasting that he sold out in a hour or something…

  15. You think that's bad, check out Crystal Opening Whale on youtube.

  16. I wonder how effective would this be for actual money laundering. Mafia "invests" in a shit mobile game. Dirty money goes through the system and is clean on the other side. No flags for transfers of large sums, even if some "user" buys 1000 chests for 10 bucks each in a single week. Next year "publisher" cleans account and doesn't even remove the game, new "publisher" creates new account with a brand new mobile game.

  17. I had to swear off gacha style games. I got so addicted to one of these games once that I blew over $400 on it before I realized I had a problem. Granted, that’s nothing compared to $150,000 but still.

  18. dude thats nothing you must check csgo gambing and just csgo skins in general 😛 a dude spend 61.000 FOR A SINGLE SKIN the skin was awp souvenir dragon lore 😛

  19. The poor transformers IP has been constantly trusted with the wrong people, at least Hasbro is making good transformers toys. Too bad for game development.

  20. Mobile games need regulations to stop the menace of money grabbing and uncontrolled manipulation!

  21. Been there done that. Thankfully I stopped when I realized I spent a few hundred dollars on a mobile game but it is scary how easy it is and how you can get to the point where you just don't notice.

    It's the main reason I stay away from mobile games.

  22. This is actually fucking mind boggling. 150 grand. On a video game. I fucking love video games. And even if you said it was for the best video game ever made or that could ever be made, it would still be ridiculous. But for a shitty mobile timer watcher? God damn. And I'm someone who has spent plenty of time playing shitty facebook games that some other people have spent thousands of dollars on. Still can't properly wrap my head around spending 150 fucking grand on this shit. Even if I were rich beyond imagination and wanted to spend 150k grand on gaming, I'd spend it on some ridiculous private gaming theater with giant TV screens and every game system and every game I could possibly dream of playing. But some shitty mobile game? I just.. I can't..

  23. For that kind of money they probably would owned every console and videogame released this generation instead of playing 1 shitty mobile game.

  24. If I shit in a bag and then sell this bag for a lucrative amount of cash to my coprophilic neighbor, do I have to worry if he plunged himself into the depths of debts to be able to afford my bag of shit so he could wank wildly while smearing my shit on his chest? I don't think so. See the analogy here.

  25. Can someone tell me whats the name of black and white anime/cartoon he used for montage? Ty i appreciate it

  26. I miss Transformers War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. Earth Wars is the shittiest TF game ever. Too bad we may never see another game like the former two.

    With that 150k he could have just bought about 2000 people a PS3 with TF: FOC and resuscitated the game's online community. That game was immeasurably more fun than that mobile trash vomit anal discharge aka tf barf wars.

  27. Dokkan battle youtubers drop sometimes on a banner 10 20k so yeah those ppl are insane

  28. You know, whales are a small percentage of the profits, most the time the true money is recurrent spending, Granblue Fantasy is a good example of this in action

  29. What a dumbass 😂😂😂. Pretty much what happens when you get given money.

  30. I don't call this type of… (Software?) a mobile game. I call them "Mooble Games", because all they seem to do is spread their repulsive traits, and I wouldn't want to touch one with a 50 foot pole

  31. Fun fact: With 150,000 dollars, you could buy 30,000 months of Apple Arcade (Before tax). 30,000 months is around 2,500 years. With such a sum of money, you could have that service for literal millenniums. Or you could get some stuff in robo-Clash of Clans. What a tough choice!

  32. Yesterday I took one day break cause I felt like I spent to much on a mobile game and today I saw the South Park episode about mobile games apps and I realized I was caught i spent in total on all the mobile games I have played about 4K real shit like I could have used that money for other stuff and it took watching that specific South Park episode to realize that I need to stop this is an addiction fam and I will never play another mobile game ever again

  33. I can understand waifus, but transformers… I guess he really loves his robots

  34. The whales are basically paying off multiple mortgages for the game makers

  35. Lol and it only gave him one extra skin for Starscream. 😂😂😂

  36. It is very common. That is why pay to win games are profitable. I have played and tried before many many rubbish low quality low graphics games where there are whales who spent few hundred thousands to be top. Players are always willing to pay a chunk if they can dominate over a big chunk of other players who do not spend as much.

  37. Can't believe that people think that this is healthy, either mentally or physically. This shit sickens me that people really don't want to control themselves. Addiction is terrible, however one can still play adrenaline rushing games without ever spending a fucking dime so don't give anyone who has severe gambling addiction a pass or justification of their actions. There are games that don't force the player to open their bank books and spend a dime. By justifying their actions, it not only condones them but it also enables their actions.

  38. 150k he better decided what the updates are

  39. 6250 dollars per month during 2 years hee

  40. The sad thing is I have admittedly sunk almost £200 into a gacha game. It doesn't seem like much, but once you begin to add it up, boy does it add up fast.

  41. god damn i dont wanna imagine how much worse he got in quarantine


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