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Rise of Games Transformers

The history of the most popular franchise – Transformers – started with…toys. Japanese companies Takara Tomy and Hasbro produced a line of car robots in the 80s. They decided to use comics to promote them on the US market. Marvel played a significant role here. Its writers invented the story of 2 alien groups. The good Autobots and evil Decepticons are at war with each other. Later it grew into animated series, films, and games Transformers.

Marvel Comics, 1984

Marvel Comics, 1984

First Steps in the Virtual Industry

The very first game was released in 1985 by Ocean Software for Commodore 64. Called simply Transformers, it was an arcade shooter with a simple plot. And an unlimited number of levels. Here you could fly, jump, and convert into cars. And destroy your enemies. The adventure didn’t impress the audience.

Better Shots of Games Transformers

The series Beast Wars: Transformers (1997-1999) was a better success for the franchise. One was a third-person shooter, the other two – fighting. Yet graphics were blocky and textureless with slippery controls.

As the industry developed and new technologies came into play, better titles were released. For example, Transformers Armada: Prelude to Energon. It is a 2004 first-person shooter with better visuals and gameplay. From now on, on-screen toys kept improving and enhancing artwork, sound, and lighting effects. As well as plots and the variety of missions. Here are the ones that are worth trying:

Transformers: Devastation

Transformers Devastation

A 2015 action for Xbox One, PS3/4, PC, Xbox 360.

Play as one of the 5 characters and take part in epic boss fights. Cartoon animations with bright textures and high-octane combat are rad over-the-top. Switch between melee attacks, unleash blistering combos, and upgrade your gear and stats. Thwart Insecticons’ plans to cyber-form the Earth. Save New York and the whole planet.

Transformers: Battlegrounds

Transformers Battlegrounds

A 2020 turn-based strategy for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC.

It is a fresh title, which presents the Earth invaded by the Decepticons. Move your robots on the map and rescue more allies. Gather forces to strike your enemies. Although there is only 1 attack per turn available, the same applies to the opponent. So, think about your tactics when arranging characters with different damage levels. The graphics are up to par with pleasant saturated colors.

Who Makes Games Transformers?

The franchise belongs to Takara Tomy and Hasbro. They partner with different studios and developers to create on-screen adventures. The recent titles were mostly published by Activision.