Scrap Mechanic - Deluxe Transformers! -

Scrap Mechanic – Deluxe Transformers!

Neebs Gaming
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Transformers are back and better than ever considering how much we’ve improved at this game.

Scrap Mechanic – Deluxe Transformers!

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  1. Whatever happened to Anthony's build?

  2. The vid of destroying creations is hilarious

  3. Neebs, your Optimus looked like a centaur. Doraleous, your transformer was my favorite.

  4. NEEBS i jave watched all vids send me new. Plz


  6. funny how the most incompetent one is threatening someone else

  7. 2019
    random people : we have a logan paul squad

    neebs Gaming : we have a Simon

  8. When I saw Neebs’ transform I was like “Optimus prime? It’s shit-timus prom!” 😂

  9. Appsro could fill in the sides and make the transformer look like the beast Hunters version of optimus

  10. Tbh the one that can actually transform as optimus prime shows he has a lot of potential

  11. I had an ad about there coffee before the video

  12. The best part for me is Antony making that joke whit mad max truck and the Duralius and Neebs chiken dance.

  13. What i have come to love in this series is Antony anoing evryone.

  14. When I saw the mad max truck I thought it was Megatron

  15. I really need to stop drinking when watching your videos XD.

  16. Guys I've been a fan for a long time, Neebs Gaming is by far my favorite Youtube channel. That being said, I have always avoided these Scrap videos. For some reason I just could never get into them. Well after exhausting every other playlist on your channel, I finally came back to them and they are bringing me so much entertainment and laughter. I applaud you guys once again!! Bringing us so much joy in a very stressful climate. Keep up the great work! If it were up to me you check off that old "World Peace" box , because I think you bring all your viewers a little temporary peace.

  17. SING IT! "Transformers! Women in-to Guys!"

  18. What's it's supposed to do? Dude it's a transformer….hahahaha epic

  19. pumpkin pie pewdsss lmao god how are they so funny not fair to rest of youtube

  20. Anthony's Google is totes adorb! And I think he's been hanging around asspro too long

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