Transformers 2 - DLC Character Showcase [HD] -

Transformers 2 – DLC Character Showcase [HD]

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Here are the characters added in the new Transformers 2 DLC pack and also the three new maps. If you enjoyed it please consider liking the video, subscribing and checking out my newer videos. I appreciate you taking the time!

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  1. Para Romance,ecchi,hentai hater trooper says:

    are these G1 skins and mew characters are only for multiplayer? or single player and multiplayer?

  2. Dear Christ, the multiplayer in this game was near impossible, couldn't kill a damn thing

  3. should they make these free now, there are currently 1 person literally playing rotf

  4. plesse supprt transformers2 pc install I Want play multiplayer in pc

  5. In single player do they work on free roam?

  6. Holy shit it's been so long, I remember being a little kid and playing this


  8. Wow this game is gorgeous, just a beautiful game when transformers going to be on ps4 or ps5

  9. Ugh, I'm so fuckin mad!! I'm on PC and I don't even get any of this content. I wish Sideswipe would just be a main playable character in the main game. I mean he was in the actual movie. Instead we get Breakaway, well it isn't bad to have a autobot jet character but he wasn't even in the movie. And it would of been cool to play as Soundwave and the G1 characters too. Which all sucks for me.

  10. Very late but can the dlc still be brought?

  11. Anyone willing to game share for transformers 2?

  12. Had to search for this game again. This was IMO the best transformer game ever. The Multiplayer had everything a transformers fan wanted aside for more players. I remember that Sideswipe & Jazz was everyone's die hard go to character to play online. I remember playing online for hooouuurssss..until they upgraded it to whatever it is today then I lost interest. Waiting for a Remaster!

  13. Alguien generoso que pase los DLC de este juego? 😢

  14. where do you get this game and what platform

  15. By far the best transformers game, besides the war and fall of cybertron.
    The mechanics are so fucken good imo, playing online was amazing, the graphics and models of them once their transformed is whay I love most.

    Why can't we get another game like this:(

  16. I don't have transformers revenge of the fallen character and map pack plus dlc on Xbox 360

  17. I'm glad i got all the dlc for this game before it was removed

  18. 1:54 holy!!!! Is this jazz!!!! How he alive!!!!! Megatron kill him!?

  19. The way Jetfire clanks and squeaks, just shows attention to detail within this game.

  20. I wish they would remaster this, the transformers was so simple and aesthetically pleasing, the gameplay as a whole was awesome and so much fun, just give me back grindor and I’m unstoppable

  21. Whats sad about jazz is that he was supposed to be in tf2 and arcee would have died in the first movie

  22. 0:00 – G1 Optimus Prime
    Primary weapon: Ion Blaster
    Secondary Weapon: Shell Cannon
    Special Ability: Valiant Leader

    0:43 – Sideswipe
    Primary Weapon: Pulse Pistol
    Secondary Weapon: Mine Launcher
    Special Ability: Blade Strike

    1:18 – Jetfire
    Primary Weapon: Energon Blaster
    Secondary Weapon: Energon Wave Gun
    Special Ability: Radar Scanner

    1:55 – Jazz
    Primary Weapon: Slug Repeater
    Secondary Weapon: Crescent Blaster
    Special Ability: Super Speed

    2:27 – G1 Megatron
    Primary Weapon: Lightning Gun
    Secondary Weapon: Dark Matter Beam
    Special Ability: Fusion Arm Cannon

    2:57 – Soundwave
    Primary Weapon: Charged Pulse Blast
    Secondary Weapon: Sonic Disruptor
    Special Ability: Jammer Pod/AOE Pod

    3:26 – G1 Starscream
    Primary Weapon: Dual Null Rays
    Secondary Weapon: Dual Homing Missles
    Special Ability: Megatron Blast

    4:04 – G1 Sunstorm
    Primary Weapon: Dual Null Rays
    Secondary Weapon: Flamethrower
    Special Ability: Thermal Wave

  23. God this game was so good online! I remember when the DLC dropped, starscream was OP

  24. aw man why sideswipe have to be a dlc character jazz I can understand because he is dead but the Sidester? and soundwave as well!?

  25. Said Emirmahmutoğlu (𐰽𐰀𐰃𐰓) says:

    I love to play Freeroam in this game

  26. It was sad that the dlc characters dropped near the end of the games online popularity. I remember buying it and trying to boot up matches to try out the jetfire and could hardly find more than 1 person.

  27. Anybody got the dlc for this game? If you do can you share it with me on xbox 360?

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