Transformers 2 - Multiplayer [Gameplay 1] -

Transformers 2 – Multiplayer [Gameplay 1]

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Here’s a bit of multiplayer in Transformers 2 as Optimus Prime. I’ve played a lot of other Transformers games too! Check my playlists.

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  1. Does anyone know if the servers are still running today?

  2. tengo el juego pero no me aparece ninguna partida para jugar. quiero jugar.

  3. If somebody want play with me at this game in computer : Nickname : Bips232

  4. this was my most favorite game in the old days 😄

  5. tu peux devenir mon ami moi aussi je joue à transformers

  6. Elita-1 Here. Good Gameplay. I look forwards to coming back once I find my game again. lol.

  7. I get beat up real bad in death match
    It's like you mess with one of us you mess with ALL of us.

  8. yo is anyone still playing this game on multiplayer cause I'm planning on buying it and at least play with someone

  9. Wish they would make another transformers game like this one. Very unlikely though unfortunately.

  10. I have the original 2007 Transformers 1 game for PS3

  11. Is this gam still played online? Xbox no longer offers it for download.

  12. Do people still play this game? This game was really fun

  13. They should remaster this game for Xbox one

  14. Theres a glitch on this game where you can become megatron

  15. By far my favorite fucking game, wth can’t this be remastered?

  16. It was awesome tryin to run npcs over once in a while

  17. Oh my god bro the nostalgia is to much

  18. anyone still play multiplayer in xbox in 2020 during quarantine lol

  19. I wonder if the multiplayer servers are still up?

  20. I remember you playing this way back when. Such nostalgia, hope you’re doing good as well

  21. Oh man with the flying megatron ,i destroyed all 🥺

  22. This was my shit in 2009!!! God i need to play it again.

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