Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon - Chapter 6 (Part 1/4) - Megatron -

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon – Chapter 6 (Part 1/4) – Megatron

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Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon – Chapter 6 (Part 1/4) – Megatron


  1. Why is megatron from the second movie with his third movie right arm in this game? Is it a skin?

  2. These transformers, they're powerful, they can toss cars, climb buildings, and convert into vehicles they scan, they can even take new vehicle forms. NEW, vehicle forms, i already imagined what my transformer looks like, but i didn't draw it yet, cuz i suck at drawing.

  3. Missions starscream never accomplished without doing something wrong: -100

  4. next time transform earlier it will be cool and I think Megatron is pretty cool

  5. You're dumb his head in the world 🌎 or universe whatever or galaxy 🌌

  6. 7:52 when he says "He will pay dearly for that" Megatron foreshadows Ironhide's death in DOTM

  7. Is it just me or the megatron in the movie series impossible to draw

  8. MEGATRON CATCH. Megatron:he will pay dearly for that. One movie later ironhide got karma for shooting Meg's in the face

  9. I like how megatron still has his cannon from ROTF at least that's what I think that's is

  10. voices in this game are better than the movie voices

  11. I did this game in one day

  12. I did not know I was in bad team

  13. Why did megatron kill starscream

  14. Why i got a feeling that this Megatron is voice from war forfall of cybertron

  15. I will enjoy draining your Energon to replenish my own!

  16. Too bad Steve Blum doesn't actually voice starscream in the movies.

  17. I like how u get to play as transformers 2 Megatron before he transforms into the truck from transformers 3

  18. I really hate Soundwave’s voice in this game, the voice in ROTF game should have stayed in this game

  19. I was really upset that this game wasn't the main dotm story

  20. I wish that Megatrons Fusion Cannon had the sound from the movie

  21. Megatron still angry to Starscream. Draining so much Energon.

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