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OUT TODAY, #TRANSFORMERSBATTLEGROUNDS! Bumblebee and The Autobots have a new commander: you! Assemble your squad and roll out to battle against the Decepticons.


  1. I hope this Will be like Front Mission

  2. I firstly read Transformers: Battletoads and thought it would be some crossover-DLC for the new game lol

  3. Man I miss the old transformers games😔

  4. Who still remembers the Cybertron games…. wish we got those again 😔😔

    That was Transformers in its Prime

  5. Mobile game port? That’s what it looks like.

  6. Why did Wheeljack build the Dinobots with small brains?

  7. I think people would rather have remastered version of both WFC and FOC playable on the current/next consoles, and actually purchasable on PC again.

  8. I kid the Cybertron games and the old Transformers prime game😢

  9. I love turn based games and i like transformers so i might play this

  10. Bring back Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron..

  11. I have good plan xbox vr tchat was awdom (i'm Poland xbox jest najlepszą konsolą)

  12. Oh yeah I’ve been waiting since dark spark

  13. I hope we are able to play as both autobots and the decepticons

  14. Optimis prime should have said Auto bots don’t roll out

  15. Looks mobile shovelware and disappointed of transformers game.

  16. This looks worse than most mobile games

  17. Love how everyone in comments doesn't want anything to do with this game

  18. Bruh the transformer games on the ps2 looked better ……

  19. If you like GI Joe Operation Blackout you’ll love this…….

  20. At this point Microsoft should just buy the games license from Hasbro to rerelease the older games

  21. Another Transformer game which probably be taken Down like the others

  22. Wow. Those are some sexy 2012 graphics.

  23. I can't wait for Transformers: Battlegrounds: Long War.

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