Transformers: Battlegrounds - Teaser Trailer | PS4 -

Transformers: Battlegrounds – Teaser Trailer | PS4

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Are you ready for a game that is more than meets the eye?! TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS is coming to PlayStation this October 23rd.

Assemble your squad and roll out for a battle that will rage from Central City to Cybertron…



  1. I want to like this, but the graphic details seem awfully simplistic…

  2. Anyone know how to play transformers games on pc in 2021? Like fall of Cybertron and others?

  3. To all those cybertronians out there, there is hope for us yet. Certain Affinity is currently making a TF game that could potentially be equal to or greater than wfc/foc. We must be patient my brothers, till all are one.

  4. optimus seeing them ruining his graphics
    optimus prime: autobots get out

  5. I want (TF DotM, TF RotF, TF FoC, TF WoC) not this this is for 2 years old kiddies on mobile

  6. someone should at least make a tf fan game

  7. Why are they doing this?
    Why not making a remake/remastered of old war for cybertron games, those are the real transformers game we deserve, and for making them better, reactivate the online servers

  8. I wish they remade revenge of the fallen. That multiplayer was dope. This… idk what this is.

  9. My hopes and dreams for a new transformers game has been crushed I really expected a remastered fall and war of cybertron

  10. I can't be the only one actually excited for this. Xcom crossed with transformers, that's a match made in heaven! I'm totally buying this when it comes out, along with gi joe Operation blackout.

  11. How tragic, war for Cybertron was the best of all. This is what we get?

  12. In case any of y'all wondering we will be getting a AAA transformers game that will be on par or better than high moon transformers games next year or in 2022 this is just and appetizer.

  13. One of two things could happen if this is a hit:
    1. Hasbro sees the demand for transformers games and licenses it for bigger games
    2. They see that people will buy anything and double down on games like this

  14. I hate this I want a freaking Cybertron game or a different game then this kids game I want something like fall of Cybertron this is just a disaster

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