TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action -

TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action

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TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON Full Movie Cinematic (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action

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  1. autobots were cool in childhood but decepticons make more sense as you grow up

  2. Megatron Justice is both blind and heartless

  3. Trypticon was turned into Nemesis ship in this game. Fast forward 2021 on an alternate timeline the autobot Ark now transforms into a titan and uppercuts the Nemesis ship in the recent series.

  4. Optimus primes doing ping pong on the Dark spark blindly

  5. 🤖 I went into my phone's settings and named it "MEGATRON" and each time i call a place of business it shows up as MEGATRON or if they have a voice operated caller ID it actually says MEGATRON is calling and believe it or not.most people get freaked out..🤣 I diots….


  7. Why did they name bumblebee after a bee when there are no bees on cyberton?

  8. This cinematic is a lot better than watching the Netflix War for Cybertron trilogy.

  9. This is better than anything Hollywood has made for transformers movies so far

  10. So Hollywood….what's so difficult about making a theatrical Transformers movie that looks and plays out like this video game's cinematics?

  11. From a strategic standpoint, a ground based force (the Autobots) really shouldn't stand a chance against the air superiority of the Decepticons.

  12. Wait, Optimus and co. already have their automobile outfits back in the Cybertron war??

  13. So Megatron is right in doing what he does. If the council just said the primes were evil then it's the decepticons who are in the right.

  14. Ori ALU AT My house here A BOOT A.

  15. No, don’t do this to me. Reminding me of something so great that it breaks my heart to see it squandered.

  16. Transformers Fall of Cybertron Cobaticons

  17. "yes break down I am know for my sense of humor"

    -wfc megaton out of content

  18. Wait a second…. NOW I have a good laptop…… I can play this…. OH SHIT!

  19. Man the last game I played was revenge of the fallen on Xbox 360. I remember playing online all night. Those lobbies were so fun. They really need to make a new online transformers game.

  20. God, that ending to wrap it all together was amazing

  21. Who is the stupid bot that decided the autobots should fight a war against a enemy made of up of literally instruments made specifically for war. Fighter jets, tanks, attack helicopters, guns etc. Wtf?!

    It’s like enlisting in the military and being issued a nerf gun and those little kiddie power wheels cars to go on missions in.

  22. These fuckin cutscenes are sick as hell

  23. I figured this was the game , it could have been an awesome movie do. 🎬

  24. Wow it has the script from the 80s transformers movie, well part of it at least,, CLASSIC

  25. I calculate Metroplex to be around 2km tall as depicted. Any other suggestions?

  26. Off work and spending my time watching this before bed. Feels good to be a kid again.

  27. 15:27 he cant be Optimus without be a Prime …. So he's still Orion Pax


  29. I always thought it wouldve been so much cooler is during the cybertron war, cybertron itself transformed and belittled both decepticons and autobots for such a wasteful war xD.

  30. A PSA from transformers on preventing climate change is so hypocritical, they literally have a living planet, and basically kill it in every show/movie.

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