Transformers: Dark of the Moon - Game Review -

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Game Review

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IGN gives its video review of the new title Transformers: Dark of the Moon – The Game. Can the Transformers avoid the movie video game curse?

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  1. I legit bought game for $30 at GameStop used
    Beat it in 2 days
    Returned it bc of how short it was

  2. The Multiplayer services have shutdown permanently unfortunately as of 2020, so don't buy this game unless you are okay with just playing the campaign. During the time when the multiplayer servers were active, this game wasn't very fun or entertaining compared to War For Cybertron, WFC had 6 different modes in Multiplayer while this game only had 3 – 1. Team Deathmatch, 2. Deathmatch and 3. Conquest which was very disappointing in my opinion and there was also no CO-OP Campaign or Escalation which was very upsetting.

    My Rating back in 2011 – 4/10
    My Rating as of 2020 – 2/10

  3. Honestly I like the TF games based off the movie

  4. The “terrible dialogue” is a reference to the original G1 cartoon. Ironhide would often say “Deceptipunk” in that series. C’mon though, this game is pretty great. It’s fun, let’s you play as most of the big characters, and has better story and character development than any of the movies.

  5. I've never had problems with frame rate in this game.

  6. Anyone watching in 2017?Also anyone remember the glitches like weapon swap or class chasis swap or something like that?

  7. I love every single transformers game. I've had so many fun times playing these games when they first came out and it was just fun to play even though it wasn't technically the greatest game.

  8. One of the most violent and visually stunning Superhero movie games iv played apart from Origins Wolverine.

  9. 0:56 Talks about characters not getting their voice actor from the films, uses Ironhide in the example who like in the movie is voice by Jess Harnell. (Ok, it can be assumed he is referring to Ratchet's voice in this clip but meh.)

  10. And some of you guys should know this is a prequel to the movie.

  11. The frame rate is terrible; The game must dip into the low 20s.

  12. You know, High Moon should keep on making their own series of transformers cybertron games taking place from earth and then go back to Cybertron to revive etc.

  13. shittiest transformers game ever transformers 2 game was way better then this

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