Transformers Dark of the Moon: Multiplayer Sideswipe Gameplay -

Transformers Dark of the Moon: Multiplayer Sideswipe Gameplay

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Here is a quick match of the multiplayer TDM mode playing as Sideswipe. If you enjoyed it please consider liking the video, subscribing and checking out my newer videos. I appreciate you taking the time!

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  1. the graphics don't look as good as on the first two games on ps3

  2. it sucks now because I can't play because there's always a cheater there was a brakeaway on the decepticons team with soundwave's gun

  3. On my opinion I liked Roth better than this game since it has more characters, free roam, more missions and a big dlc

  4. i play this game in 2016 and nobody plays online enymore

  5. by the way i have this game how do you play as sideswipe?

  6. To be honest, this game had 1 of the most unbalanced multiplayer ever.

  7. What really pisses me off is how come they don't have mixmaster available in the multiplayer

  8. WHich is better, revenge of the fallen? Or dark of the moon?

  9. Dark of the moon you can climb buildings. This is lame in comparison.

  10. i remember when this game was poppin the charts good times 😍

  11. When thanos snaps his fingers they turn to dust

  12. I want to play as sideswipe so bad, I can’t get him unlocked.

  13. 4:50 DIE oh uhhhh sorry sideswipe uhhhh i swear im not tring to kill u hehe oh

  14. Is it just me or Sideswipe is the fastest cybertonian in the game in robot form

  15. Like Comon sideswipe atack decepticon 😎

  16. I remember that sideswipe and shockwaves melee was so OP

  17. Bruh, when I was little I played this game but I never knew there was mulitiplayer

  18. Tbh transformers in videogames are better at being overwatch, than overwatch itself

  19. This is easily one of the coolest gameplays I have ever seen. I love Sideswipe.

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