Transformers Dark of the Moon - Starscream Gameplay HD -

Transformers Dark of the Moon – Starscream Gameplay HD

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  1. except vehicle modes and brutes, which now suck.

  2. It's the same voice actor – Steve Blum.

  3. Steve should've voice Starscream in WFC and FOC. Just sayin.

  4. That's because it is. steve blum does the voice for both. as well as every other animated character ever 😛

  5. because its the same voice actor as tfp starcream he is also the voice of tank dempsey and barricade in wfc shockwave in foc and swindle in foc

  6. That because it's same……..wait I suppose you already know that with all the replies you got for a whole damm year. 😛

  7. i love Steve Blum way more than the movie voice actor

  8. It's funny because Steve Blum voiced Cpt.Bartlett in Ace Combat 5, and now he voices a Decepticon that's an F-22A!

  9. i wish star scream had a shark face skin that'll be AWSOME

  10. Wait this is the same type of gameplay used for War for Cybertron.

  11. Bay's Starscream looks a pile of scraped metal,junk and garbage wrapped altogether, ugly.

  12. only if starscream was this badass in dark of the moon…..

  13. Am I the only one who thinks that Steven Blum is the best Starscream and Wolverine.

  14. Ironhide vs Mix Master is probably one of the best levels.

  15. Is That Steve Blum The Voice Starscream From Transformers Prime Series??

  16. Sounds close to starscream. But not fully

  17. To think this was the same Starscream who died by a human

  18. Where the aircraft that engaged starscream before AND after the Arielbots(Air raid Silerbolt and Breakaway) piloted by humans perhaps?

  19. Steve Blum is the best voice actor for Starscream!!!

  20. This is his same voice from TF Prime. I prefer Starcream's voice in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen for ps2. With TF Prime voice I think Starscream is only the insect Megatron doesn't like and fuck, and is the 2nd in comand for no explication. But with the other voice I feel he is the great general of the Decepticons, the strongest one after Megatron

  21. he also plays narrator and barricade in war for cybertron

  22. This game basically sums up what the Michael Bay films should’ve been like (in my view at least).

  23. Since they couldn’t be bothered to get the amazing Daniel Ross back or Batman voice from the first game then Steve Blum was definitely the best choice

  24. No wonder I hate screamer. All starscream did was shoot down the entire Autobot Air Force, screams, make others scream his name in terror and finally betrays others. I used to like Starscream but after I learn why he is named Starscream I lost all hope.

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