Transformers: Dark of the Moon Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Commentary Let's Play (HD) -

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Commentary Let’s Play (HD)

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In preparation for the Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough I’ll be doing at the end of the month, I thought I would do a walkthrough for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. A lot of you have been asking me to do more commentary series, which I don’t usually do with kids games or games that tend to be more difficult. Since this game may have a much broader audiance age range I did try to tone down my vulgarity for this let’s play. If you enjoy the series and want me to continue doing more commentary series like this be sure to leave a like.

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  1. in war megatron destroyed bumblebees voice box

  2. No bumblebees voice box was ripped out by megatron on cybertron because he refused to give up information on the autobots

  3. It’s sad that the game has more story than the entire franchise.

  4. Megatron ripped Bumblebee's voice box out, that is why he can,t speak!!!

  5. Your video is SO much cool I like it SO much

  6. you a noob in this story bro omg!!!!!!

  7. You know Megatron believes he’s doing what’s right because he is saving his planet and Optimus is saving a planet that he was not born on so they are both Heros and they are both villains

  8. I'm late but that was not Megatron, That was Sounwave.

  9. or do you know Jetfire,Ratchet,Ironhide or wheel Jack

  10. Holy shit this game looks like total ass compared to the Cybertron games High Moon made. And that's being generous.

  11. The one that switch from decepticon to autobot in movie was jetfire who was a sr 71 blackbird while in gen one he was known as Skyfire and was some kind of space ship the autobots could get into

  12. I love how he’s getting bashed on for not knowing the characters chill it’s been awhile since he watched the movies or played the games

  13. I used to play this game all the time on the Xbox 360 and my dad started a new game cuz I backtalked him💀

  14. Who else has is watching this video in 2020

  15. After six years I'm still watching this mans transformers videos

  16. dark of the moon is the best transformers game so far

  17. Este es el mejor que vi,despues de uno que no savia jugar. #good video

  18. I hate how they copy and pasted bumblebees same robot form from ROTF and just added a new front bumper on it lol

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