Transformers: Devastation - Before You Buy -

Transformers: Devastation – Before You Buy

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Transformers: Devastation (PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, 360) is here! Jake Baldino gives you first impressions and gameplay footage of it here. Have you played? Let’s talk!
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  1. Also he didn't play enough to figure out that there's quite a few combs and they're specific to weapon type

  2. Had it for a while from PS Plus, never played it, searched for some games to download for my playstation because I’m trying to free up space, found this video, Never knew it was a Platinum Game, that’s an instant download for me

  3. Had it for a while from PS Plus, never played it, searched for some games to download for my playstation because I’m trying to free up space, found this video, Never knew it was a Platinum Game, that’s an instant download for me

  4. The character designs are amazing I like the cell shading design it really makes me think I'm watching an episode of the classic show

  5. It’s amazing I just wish it was longer and had a free play mode, hopefully the second one will have Free Play (Just roaming around playing as different characters), Training modes, MORE PLAYABLE CHARACTERS (I wanna play as A LOT more Autobots than just the main 5 and stuff I wouldn’t even mind s boss battle where you play as metroplex and fight trypticon, id love a villain mode where you can play as the decepticons and fight omega supreme as the seekers or astrotrain vs jetfire I just wanna play as more Characters both good and bad, and I really hope you can make a custom character and use it throughout the game, AND IT NEEDS MULTIPLAYER I wanna play missions with friends, and while we are on the topic it needs a battle mode PVP a mode where you go to the pits of kaon and all 4 players can use any transformer they want autobot or decepticon and even a custom character and just duke it out

  6. If they make a transformers devastation 2 it needs:
    1. Space Travel (I wanna be able to Go to Space (Mainly Cybertron and Earth) and just be able to roam around occasionally fight random cybertronian gangs, go to the pits of kaon and just do Cybertron things, maybe eat energon, race etc

    2. Switch Roles and And Change endings: I want to be able to Play as the autobot and decepticon and I wanna be able to make the deceptions win if I want and the autobots win if I want, I want there to be multiple like slots tho, like in LEGO games how when yo complete the game it’s 3 other slots you can do and play the whole game over I don’t want it too restart just wanna do it again

    3. Custom Characters I wanna be able to make a custom character made form different autobot body parts and change the colors change the symbols change the voice give them this give them that just anything (at least 20 slots of custom characters)

    4. Free Play: I wanna be able to go back to the levels without having to basically restart the entire game

    5. Free roam: I want to be able to free roam on Cybertron and earth I wanna just roam around and have things to do race fight etc

    6. MULTIPLAYER: I wanna be able to play this game with at least 4 people at max during missions and free play

    7. Battle Mode/PVP: I want to be able to go to the pits of kaon in Cybertron and fight my friends weather it’s 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 even if I don’t have friends (which i don’t) I wanna be able to fight bots/AI

    8. Online mode: I want the online mode to in a way be like overwatch or Call of Duty or destiny or uncharted 4 I wanna be able to fight people online

    9. Longer Missions: I don’t want them just to be extra long but I do want them Longer and like I said more Decepticons in it too fight or fight as, I wouldn’t mind if it went up to 35 Missions with 15 DLC missions (hopefully the dlc still connects with the originally story a bit)

    10: Slightly Harder Fights: I don’t want them just to be impossible to beat but I want it to be like they can actually beat you and make you have to think and struggle a bit

    11. Teamwork, I don’t want it just to be me as Optimus fighting everyone I wouldn’t mind occasionally fighting a long side bumblebee and the other bots or decepticons (and I want them to actually help not just like sit there)

    12. Final Boss to be unicron: would love seeing ALL the autobots, decepticons, Predacons, Dinobots, Titans/Combiners, Minicons From different reality’s and continuity’s and storylines coming together and fighting unicron, like I wouldn’t mind seeing All the unicrons, from Transformers G1, Transformers Prime, Transformers animated etc all combine into one to take over the world, same for the autobots and cons of the different multiverses, coming over too fight together, Optimus From transformers prime and Optimus from transformers animated coming together and fighting unicron you know, hopefully it’ll give off a FOC and WFC vibe a bit too

    13. Be able to chose the difficulty, sometimes the game is way too easy I wanna be able to make it harder!

  7. the only screwed up part is you cant play as a decepticon

  8. It’s basically just fire emblem warriors but it’s actually good.

  9. Great game for transformers fans. Okay for charavter action game fans. Pretty good for most people. Won't leave that much of a mark until someone randomly talks about it. Then people will say, "oh yeah I memeber that"

  10. This game sucked. The only good thing about this shitty game was the OG cast

  11. Love this game. Sequel would be really nice.

  12. I played this game for free when I was subscribed to playstation plus. Great gameplay, but the inventory system turned me off from the game.

    And now, I can't even find the game on the store because Activision forgot to renew their license with Hasbro. 😕

  13. Why is it impossible to get that game for PC now?

  14. Yeah I know this comment is late, I just got the game and am watching videos of it. But unfortunately not all G1 voice actors reprise their roles. The voice actor for starscream passed away many years before the game was made

  15. Before you buy… go to Gamestop to find this, but then buy it. Seriously no need to wait and get it if you have the money.

  16. I have finished all transformer games on the PC except this one o well is time for devastation.

  17. I watched this cuz I’m probably going to get it

  18. Love and hate. Game play graphics good. It look great. Just wish it was a open world.

  19. I bought this game at launch, and I'm still playing it to this day.

  20. it's made by the same company that made Bayonetta

  21. iv'e had it on the xbox 360 and its great. next it is the xbox one

  22. Frustrating!? I have found nothing that makes me frustrated about this ga-… Nvm no sequel riiight

  23. This was hard to play after the Cybertron games maybe if they had racing or something.

  24. War for Cybertron as well as Fall of Cybertron is the perfect example of a Transformers game. Game play is amazing. Graphic, design and the layout of the map is perfect. I'm just waiting for another proper Transformer game or maybe if Hasbro and Activision can do a remastered of this two just like they did with Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2. If they can add crossplay as well.

  25. The only REAL problems are not being able to play as Decepticons and being able to choose from only 5 Autobots.

  26. i beat this game 395 times still not bored

  27. Just heard and picked this game up at Gamestop for $20 12/14/2020

  28. Sucks that you cant buy this game digitally anymore, thankfully I have a physical copy.

  29. I completely disagree. The entire game feels like one long training level and no game. And there is… No Game!

  30. 5 years later…
    Bought it, played it and I have to agree. If you’re into non-stop hand to hand combat, combos and arena battles, and love G1 Transformers, great game. If not, it gets repetitive and boring very quickly despite the nostalgic feel. The few driving and exploration sections feel empty and clunky.

    High Moon Studios’ Cybertron games were much more to my liking. It’s a crying shame that they never got to complete their story (No, Rise of the Dark Spark doesn’t count).

  31. The thumbnail looked like as if Optimus Prime was telling to wait till you hear facts and stuff about Transformers Devastation… honestly…


  32. I loved playing the game when i got it on my birthday. But i was sad when i finished. Not the ususal end of the fun but the day i finished was the day my mentor passed away. I vowed not to play the game on saturdays and fridays as she died on a saturday and Friday i lost a friend.

  33. I recently started playing this. It's dope.

  34. This game was amazing and deserved a sequel.

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