Transformers: Devastation - Before You Buy -

Transformers: Devastation – Before You Buy

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Transformers: Devastation (PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, 360) is here! Jake Baldino gives you first impressions and gameplay footage of it here. Have you played? Let’s talk!
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  1. This game was amazing and deserved a sequel.

  2. I recently started playing this. It's dope.

  3. I loved playing the game when i got it on my birthday. But i was sad when i finished. Not the ususal end of the fun but the day i finished was the day my mentor passed away. I vowed not to play the game on saturdays and fridays as she died on a saturday and Friday i lost a friend.

  4. The thumbnail looked like as if Optimus Prime was telling to wait till you hear facts and stuff about Transformers Devastation… honestly…


  5. 5 years later…
    Bought it, played it and I have to agree. If you’re into non-stop hand to hand combat, combos and arena battles, and love G1 Transformers, great game. If not, it gets repetitive and boring very quickly despite the nostalgic feel. The few driving and exploration sections feel empty and clunky.

    High Moon Studios’ Cybertron games were much more to my liking. It’s a crying shame that they never got to complete their story (No, Rise of the Dark Spark doesn’t count).

  6. I completely disagree. The entire game feels like one long training level and no game. And there is… No Game!

  7. Sucks that you cant buy this game digitally anymore, thankfully I have a physical copy.

  8. Just heard and picked this game up at Gamestop for $20 12/14/2020

  9. i beat this game 395 times still not bored

  10. The only REAL problems are not being able to play as Decepticons and being able to choose from only 5 Autobots.

  11. War for Cybertron as well as Fall of Cybertron is the perfect example of a Transformers game. Game play is amazing. Graphic, design and the layout of the map is perfect. I'm just waiting for another proper Transformer game or maybe if Hasbro and Activision can do a remastered of this two just like they did with Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2. If they can add crossplay as well.

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