Transformers Devastation Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary PS4Transformers Devastation Gameplay) -

Transformers Devastation Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary PS4Transformers Devastation Gameplay)

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Transformers Devastation Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary PS4Transformers Devastation Gameplay)

Transformers Devastation Walkthrough Part 1

Game Description
The TRANSFORMERS are back, and this time they’re in the hands of acclaimed developer PlatinumGames, who have combined their over-the-top brawler action with comic book inspired art to create a TRANSFORMERS game like none other.

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  1. Really like the video over all. Thank you for making it, unfortunately at around 1:42 the sound gets out of sync with the video. It only lasts around 6 to 8 minutes but it made some interesting parts rather annoying. I doubt anything can be done, but I just thought I give some other viewers a heads up, so they don't have to refresh their browser 10+ times trying to get it to work.

  2. You can't go wrong with peter cullen!

  3. Is this the work of Kojima since Metal Gear Rising?

  4. I have a strange feeling that they are going to add optimus maximums

  5. Excellent nostalgic game. Even with some of its downside points being its single player, and short run time and hard and limited camera options and stiff control. I can easily see this game being updated with multiplayer and online melee battles in an updated version if another game is planned by Activision!

    Reminds me of that mid 2000 PS2 Robotech game that should've gotten a sequel. So i hope fans get plenty of these TF G-1 games in the near future. Maybe even adapting some of the excellent IDW comic book stories for tons of story plotlines and whatnot!

  6. "We'll have to destroy that… that… claw!"
    proceeds to immediately get smacked by said claw

  7. That's awesome that's it has character designs are from g1

  8. Equip the hammer, automatically win the game. Still a nice game.

  9. the 2nd converter (flying thing with a purple circle in the middle) is a troll……. i've tyed eveything (i've played this game multiple times)

  10. Is it me or should they add more playable characters like Prowl or Ironhide or Jazz

  11. y ou are cool MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 hours . Long

  12. Why didn't u use bumblebee or sideswipe, wheeljack, or grimlock

  13. If this was multieplayers
    it would've been perfect

  14. Megatron has too much of a screech and robot voice

  15. I can’t beat chapter 1 cuz of the FUCKING KINETIC SHIELD!

  16. This game looks like it was the most difficult to beat! 😗 (Whistle)

  17. Why does Megatron's face look like Star Platinum?

  18. the actual transformers game since War for cybertron and Fall of cybertron.

  19. This was the closest game to the cartoon, but there wasn't enough transformers in this game especially from the Autobots side. Megatron transforming into a tank! What a joke as he should be a P-38 hand gun. Oh no, our kids would learn to be influenced to use hand guns if Megatron transformed into a P-38! Guess what, there are so many video games that show the usage of guns! Was it more so because the makers of the game would have to get proper licensing to depict Megatron transforming into a P-38 gun?

  20. There should have been a sequel. Nova Prime should be the villian and an army of new cybertronians AND the Deceptions and Autobots would have to join forces and you can play as both

  21. Dude, in the first Devastator battle, I defeated Devastator in a matter of seconds.

  22. Autobots stonger👍🖒🖒👍👍🖒🖒

  23. I used to play this everyday on hard mode untill i bea t it all.. Meanasaur looked tought but was suprising easy and megatron… vietnom flashbacks


  25. This version of Transformers is a lot better than the movie Michael Bay bullshit

  26. Grimlock is already OP, BUT IF YOU EQUIP A HAMMER ON HIM.. you are impossible to kill

  27. Video: two heavy weapons ground soldiers smash optimus with a hammer at the same time
    Screen: imediatlly turns black for no reason

  28. damn, this optimus is the wise cool g1 guy and also a freaking savage

  29. Since there will be Optimus Maximus coming in the next game surely Ironhide,Sunstreaker,Prowl and Mirage will be playable as well

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