TRANSFORMERS: Devastation - Playable Character Features | PS4, PS3 -

TRANSFORMERS: Devastation – Playable Character Features | PS4, PS3

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Take a closer look at each playable Autobot character’s unique fighting style and specialized moves.

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  1. Okay Transformers is nao ruined forever

  2. I'm disliking this because you can't play as the Decepticons.

  3. As an older gamer, this game is a must buy !!

  4. the game is alright & the bots look great, but it has nowhere near the maturity of FoC, which will go down in history as the best transformers game of all time, and probably the best one we're ever going to get.

    i appreciate the fan service, but miss the depth that they really only got right that once.

  5. nacidos en 2000…ustedes no tienen poder aca xD

  6. Very very we want a He-Man' s game based on the cartoon of the 80s!!

  7. So….. This takes place before the movie, but Megatron has his tank mode, which he doesn't have until Generation 2, which isn't part of the cartoon's timeline which this game is supposedly a part of, and Motormaster looks like how he does in the IDW continuity… God, this is confusing.

  8. aahh, platinum games. you always know how to make me happy

  9. they could totally add dlc characters if they wanted to and id be okay with it 🙂

  10. why does grimlock have a hammer!? he has a frigging sword

  11. Great thing this game came out, cause they may have died in the movie, but now all the original Autobots still live in this game.

  12. I wish War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron had this battle system.

  13. THIS is what Transformers is all about, the G1 franchise. Hopefully, there'll be a sequel, and hopefully we get a few more playable characters I.E. Jazz, Prowl, Cliffjumper, Brawn, Ironhide…but credit where it's due, Platinum Games have created a solid 8/10 G1 gaming experience and here's hoping the sequel is in the works.

  14. Can't believe that I missed this somehow. Without this art style, without these voice actors, Transformers wouldn't exist. I hope that the insecticons have the same voices from the original cartoons….ahhh it gives me hope when these kinds of games come out.

  15. this game is like devil may meets twisted metal , with the scenes of g1 transformers, I love it

  16. Imagine if platinum collab with hideo kojima in making this game…then there will be a chapter 2 for this game where we will fight (A prime from the game)

  17. hi i am a game play'er to for ps3. game name. T LEE 1906_2

  18. This game looks awesome and nostalgic! My only small complaint I guess its that it is not really on the WiiU, but asides from that, I really want this game.

  19. Such a shame there's only five characters to play as. What kind of a transformers game doesn't let you play as Decepticons?

  20. how did prime did that many hits punching!?

  21. 99% comments people complaining about people complaining about the graphics

    1% comments people complaining

  22. Grimlock should be bigger than constructicon vehicle mode 🙁

  23. it's a great game, just a shame no playable deceptions

  24. jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira says:

    True rating: TV-PG :(V) for the game.

  25. Did everyone just ignore, that Optimus Prime is russian?

  26. The colour of Wheeljack body like italy flag

  27. It's crazy that in a few months this game with be 7 years old

  28. Wheeljack really just said “I’m gonna make you my guinea-tron” w h a t

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