TRANSFORMERS: Devastation - Video Game Teaser Trailer | PS4, PS3 -

TRANSFORMERS: Devastation – Video Game Teaser Trailer | PS4, PS3

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The TRANSFORMERS are back in an over-the-top action-brawler with comic book inspired art for a TRANSFORMERS game experience like none other.

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  1. transformers ps4 the ps5

  2. jorge luis dos santos madeira madeira says:

    True rating: TV-PG :(V) for the game.

  3. The logo changed the final one is better

  4. Transformers robots in disguise more then meets the eye

  5. platinum games made bayoneta also.Don't forget and that's a pretty good game.

  6. how my god! the songs are awesome…. is it a special BSO or which group is it ?

  7. I am overjoyed, I am beyond words, time to relive the childhood dream! G1!

  8. 1986!!!!! OMG I REALLY WANT IT .This very good they make old cartoon a game YEAYYYY

  9. transfomers games always suck..only his movie good to watch

  10. I will play Stan Bush's The Touch for the entirety of my playthrough.

  11. I'm glad G1 is getting some love. Anyone talking about a beast Wars game is living in LaLa land, not gonna happen. G1 has a big following and should have more games done.

  12. it woud've been cool if ultra magnus was there in the trailer

  13. Not a real sequel to FALL OF CYBERTRON. But makes up for dark spark

  14. Can anyone tell me what kind of music used in this video?

  15. pls put in optimus axe and megatron chain mace and add a waterfall stage! and revisit all the places in the cartoon

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