Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for PS3 - E3 2012 Trailer -

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for PS3 – E3 2012 Trailer

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With War for Cybertron we had to work hard to prove that Transformers games could be good; with Fall of Cybertron we’ve set out to show how they can be great. A great story, epic setting, and gameplay variety these are what we have set out to offer in Fall of Cybertron. And oh yes, we have Dinobots.


  1. ''MetroPlex Heeds the Call of the last good transformers game''

  2. Its coming for the next gen lets go favorite transformers games but could've at least remastered war of cybertron or it think whats you call it sorry but i cant wait for this ima buy this and the dlc💯

  3. we have this game for PS3 but I don't use my PS3 that much I use my Xbox One and I hope this game comes out for Xbox One and if it does I'm going to be so happy and get all the DLC

  4. Let's hope we can see a 2016-2017 version of this trailer!

  5. i want the real movie be like this 😀

  6. Is it worth 50$ another cash grab? I wanna buy it but the price is a bit too much!

  7. I want a third game!!! YES!!!!!! HA HA HA A AAA!!!!!!

  8. Too bad High Moon was dissolved and a 3rd game wasn't made. Could have made for a great trilogy.

  9. Por no encuentro el juego para descargármelo en mi ps4

  10. Почему её сейчас нету в ps store

  11. Por qué ya lo quitaron para poder descargarlo

  12. I'm a Halo gamer in a transformer gamer I love both of them

  13. Is it still available for PS3? If so where can I get it at? Because I'm getting a PS3

  14. So bad that this trailer was awesome and wasent on the main show.

  15. Revivan los juegos de Transformers de High Moon 😭😭😭

  16. Dinobot scene will always give me goosebumps from how badass it is🥺 I remember watching this as a kid.

  17. Who else want Hasbro and activison to remaster this game

  18. Nunca.juego.ese. Pero. Si. Tengoelplei. Tres. Con. Minecraft

  19. Best graphics. Now welcome 2020 ps5

  20. Still watching this in 2020 yoooo thanks High moon

  21. I love this game so much I just wish that they put it on the Playstation 4 and War for Cybertron.

  22. I really hope they make a remake of this game both WoC and FoC

  23. my best and awesome song that I ever played in PS3

  24. They prefer
    A remaster or a new cybertron game….??

  25. I tried looking up this game on PS4 I didn’t found it on PS4
    are you Going to add this in PS4


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