Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Grimlock & Dinobots [Lost Episode] -

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Grimlock & Dinobots [Lost Episode]

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  1. Can we see grim lock original form before he was made a Dinobot

  2. So I don’t think they actually died. Sharpshot is the only one I’m not sure of. His lights didn’t go out despite being bitten and stomped on

  3. This is NOT a lost episodes. Change the title now.

  4. is it me or the Decepticon leapers sounded like Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors

  5. 2:48

    Deception soldier: I like shockwave

    Me: be his friend then

  6. bruh does anyone know how to get the game in 2021 😭

  7. I feel so stupid that I just notice that 19:35 to 19:46 is almost same sense from the Transformer G1 movie when HotRod and Kup was fighting the Sharkticon

  8. At 2:44 you can see a decepticon tried to escape out the window

  9. It's insane how they took something as "big monster" cool as the dinobots and made their characters complex and as sad as Rogue One. (Yes I have heard that they don't die, but the game gives it that vibe) and I'm one hundred percent for it.

  10. I love how Polite Slug was to kickback

  11. I wonder what their original transformations were

  12. 😮 is this game connected to transformers prime

  13. and this entire reason people love the Grimlock and his dinobots

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