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“Transformers” – Glu Mobile (Java Game)

JAVA Mobile Games / Ява Мобильные Игры
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“Transformers” “Transformers” “Transformers (J2ME)” “Java Game” “Phone Game” “Java Mobile”
Take command of your phone and help the Autobots find the Allspark, a source of energy hidden on Earth. Fight as Optimus Prime and change from vehicle to robot and back again with special weapons capabilities. Battle the evil Decepticons across multiple levels and enlist the help of other Autobots as you race to claim the ultimate source of power for all TRANSFORMERS.
Помогите автоботам отыскать источник энергии, который спрятан где то на планете Земля. Начните свою миссию в роли робота Оптимуса, трансформируйтесь в огромный грузовик и обратно, используйте различное оружие, чтобы противостоять врагам расы Десептиконов. И не забывайте, что для каждого врага необходим свой подход и стратегия нападения.

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  1. I have a solution to attack barricade without taking damage and faster: Pressing "5" repeatedly won't work to kill barricade faster, but if you let go the "5", optimus will automatically attack barricade. Don't worry about him attacking you, press "5" to block barricade's attacks. Shooting him won't also work since he can just do a self-defense, so you need to come closer to do a melee attack. Remember, if he's gonna attack you while you're in attack mode, press "5" again to do a self-defense (optimus could also block barricade's attacks automatically) otherwise you're gonna take damage. You need to wait for him until he's stop attacking you so you can attack him back without taking any damage. Hope this helps 😊

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