Transformers: Human Alliance arcade 2 player 60fps -

Transformers: Human Alliance arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2. Note that for some reason, I wasn’t able to enter anything at the name entry or the stage select, so I had to let the timer count down.


  1. 昔ゲーセンにあったなぁ…


  2. 2:47 When my friends tell my followers to shut up!
    3:04 When my friends tell me to die!
    3:19 When my dad tells me I he could handle it!
    4:53 When me and my friends stopped fighting!

  3. 22:43 dumbest fucking quote by fucking someone trying to play as prime

  4. Bumblebee: talks

    Wait that's illegal

  5. i remember playing this at a local mall with two guns cause i have no friends

  6. Dude it's so cool that it looks so scary

  7. Arronmunroe can you make another video that you are taking the vote from ghost town

  8. I never got passed the 1st stage most of the time, and it sucks

  9. I remember when I saw some people playing this game, and Starscream really scared me

    He had does guys for dinner

  10. ive played this game before in the arcade its pretty enjoying

  11. I've realized that Human Alliance is a tie in to the first three movies, and Megatron was still using his design from Revenge of the Fallen, and Skywarp made an appearance, but never say a single line.

  12. I don't wanna say this cause I might appear rude but who the fuck hired these voice actors?

  13. What the hell is this voice acting????!!!

  14. I wonder if it's possible to beat this game without a continue, or maybe even a no hit

  15. I like how this captures the bay films, EXPLOSIONS

  16. Did they get their god damn grandma to do starscreams lines. Literally i could do better.

  17. Wait i remembr playing this.
    its so nostalgic

  18. Now I can’t wait for the shadow rising

  19. If you remember this game, you deserve a veteran's discount.

  20. Ok, the voice acting and story sucks, but the most important part of the game, the gameplay, is pretty fun tbh

  21. What timeline does this take place?… Is it after the 1st movie, or before the 2nd one?

  22. The male mc sounds like a fucking anime dub character, so godawful

  23. It’s just disappointing for the fact that the leader of the deceptivecons says “Go to heck” and the regular deceptivecons sound like a tiger When they die

  24. "Decepticons! Vut is yor vlan? dId YoU cAuSe ThIs EaRtHqUaKe?"


  25. i played this in 2020 i really like it

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