Transformers Metroplex Awakens & Kills Megatron Scene 4K ULTRA HD -

Transformers Metroplex Awakens & Kills Megatron Scene 4K ULTRA HD

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Transformers Metroplex Awakens & Kills Megatron Scene 4K ULTRA HD

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  1. What game is this? Looks awesome, though I'm guessing that point after megaton gets killed is when he gets taken over by Unicron and transformed into Galvatron

  2. Man Megs sure is built different. I mean he lived the first punch at least and even then he was revived later by Soundwave.

  3. Its a shame Hasbro didnt extend the license I wanted the further story of the Dinobots.

  4. Kinda wish they did it like the end of God of War 3. That last fight with Zeus you could bash Zeus' brains in until your controllers battery died. I'd gladly turn Megatron into fine paste

  5. Weren’t most of the decepticons slaves and workers

  6. Metroplex was caught in 4K when killing Megatron

  7. Ah the nostalgia… Been almost a decade, still waiting for a FoC sequel

  8. Imagine a remaster of this game it’s be stupidly beautiful

  9. I’m glad Jazz actually sounds like the original from G1. He sounded more like Hip Hop in the first Michael Bay movie.

  10. The best Transformers game in my opinion. Only thing missing was more refined melee combat. It focused a bit too much on gunplay. Still an extremely good game though.

  11. its strange that I was literally looking at my trophies for fall of cybertron, then this was recommended to me

  12. 3:31 when you finish an argument with someone and they say "yeah that's what i thought" after you walk away

  13. Son, he didn't kill Megatron, he straight up deleted him.

  14. gAmEs ArE cHiLDiSh
    Those who say this have not seen anything remarkable in this age haha

  15. I have a metroplex transformer and this makes me love him more

  16. Starscream may not be as powerful as Megatron. But I rate him number 3 in Deceptions after Soundwave. He makes up for the little skill he doesn't have with his wits

  17. I know it wasn't but for some reason, this really looks like it was done in starcraft 2 engine. Not that it's an issue, I love sc2 but it just struck me.

  18. If this is how small the transformers are, then Imagine how small humans will be

  19. The fact that this video is recent and has 1.3 million views puts a smile on my face.

  20. One of the best voices of all time destroyed by Megatron in this.

  21. These games were masterpieces man why did they stop making them

  22. What do you turn into?
    A tank!
    A jet!
    A military truck!
    That guy?
    A building… dont mess with him.

  23. Whats the name of this transformers game I slipped in this on

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