Transformers Metroplex Awakens & Kills Megatron Scene 4K ULTRA HD -

Transformers Metroplex Awakens & Kills Megatron Scene 4K ULTRA HD

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Transformers Metroplex Awakens & Kills Megatron Scene 4K ULTRA HD

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  1. Starscream just taking that cheapshot was very VERY Starscream

  2. One of my favorite games ever made. The online where u could make your own transformers was some of my best gaming memories. Rip fall of cybertron

  3. Wow that is sooo messy… Transformers have never been a good franchise except toys, characters are reaaaaly insignificant, look how nobody cares about the great villain death 😂

  4. These two games of the Cybertron saga are much better than all those that came out based on the films of Michael Bay, even better than the movies themselves, it's a shame that the last one they screwed up mixing elements of the movies, for something nobody talks about it anymore and nobody cared even I think that very few know of that last game of "Cybertron".

  5. These games were amazing back in the day, the campaign and online was so damn fun

  6. Why they didn't have Frank Walker voicing MEGATRON in this game is beyond me. He is the one true Megatron

  7. Metroplex is like the Psycho Gundam of Transformers

  8. Only megatron would see a building stand up with the look of pure rape in its eyes and say "HOLD YOUR GROUND YOU BITCHES"

  9. Megatron: STAND AND FIGHT
    Me: how the hell is that gonna effect

  10. The fact that soundwave has never spoken to optimus still amazes me

  11. Crazy but lots of things we haven't seen in movies can't wait

  12. I just love that moment when the "Metroplex Online" notification pops up.

  13. I had the G1 Metroplex figure as a kid…my last transformer…recently stumbled across the War for Cybertron trilogy…..good stuff indeed…

  14. Fun fact, Megatron is actually the good guy, fighting to free his people from being enslaved by the primes.

  15. Who's more badass metroplex or demolintioner from the movie

  16. Too bad High Moon didn’t continue this series. They made the best Transformers games ever.

  17. Sony sucks for not having these games on Playstation anymore

  18. Meteoplex sounds like a name of a shopping mall.

  19. He kinda sounded like invincible when he said you did this 😂

  20. wait a minute….. your telling me NOT everything overpowered belongs to the decepticons?

  21. Too bad Optimus is too nice and noble. He and Metroplex coulda wiped out most of the deception army and command right then and there

  22. can't wait till they remaster these games in 8k with rtx 360fps

  23. I wish you could have created your own transformers character chose what you transformed into and customized your weapons and chose a side things like that

  24. This game and its storyline was so good! AND the multiplayer was great fun.
    Here’s hoping that we get a new one. Or at least backwards compatibility so that we can play it again on the new consoles!

  25. OMG 😳 Metroplex didn't just squashed Megatron but he did it like 4 times

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