Transformers: Mystery of Convoy - Game Grumps -

Transformers: Mystery of Convoy – Game Grumps

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I’m a truck now.
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  1. Huge irony – the film was complete dog shit

  2. the way dan just throws off his jacket so smoothly at 00:16…. beautiful

  3. The good days of GG. Short haired Arin makes me a bit uncomfortable though

  4. Arin's delivery of "WAAAAAAIT" is the backbone of this entire video.

  5. Octomis Prime one of the most powerful primes dies to one bullet

  6. what the shmigbob

  7. theres so much transformers stuff in that room,,, it rivals my room in comparison,,,,
    also "WAIT………….. beast wars " is a mood

  8. …Because I was collecting them transdan!

  9. Just noticed a mistake in that Intro. Dan tried to put a Japanese Nintendo cartridge in a US Nintendo which won't run those cartridges.

  10. Thank you for the flashing light seizure warning! ❤️So many things just don’t care that it’ll cause me to have a seizure.

  11. I wanna see arins full transformers collection

  12. I wonder how many people with epilepsy have gotten seizures because of this game

  13. That looks a little like Ultra Magnus, but also Rodimus Prime is also a playable character after you beat it, and it's just Magnus with different colors. Why do I even care?

  14. To be fair it makes sense that Ultra Magnus gets blown the fuck up so quickly in this game if you get what I mean

  15. Game Grumps strict adherence to a "one take and wrap" nonchalance is truly inspiring.

  16. Just noticed Ross has a pile o' Grimlocks, including a Pretender, which is hideously expensive.

  17. i like how ross was holding the pretender grimlock in one shot and another grimlock in the next two shots

  18. Just came here from chocolate town.

  19. Speaking of Age of Extinction, Uhg… I hate how Michael bay did my boy Grimlock so dirty…

    And He didn't even include swoop..

  20. Had to come back and watch this after the recent jingle grumps lol

  21. Anyone else here because they mentioned it while playing Irony of Nightmare?

  22. Is anyone else here because they got recommended this video after watching Nightmare of Convoy since Dan brought it up during the first minute of it? No just me? Also, since you are here Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone 🙂

  23. Ross looks older in this video than in 2020. Dude ages backwards.

  24. I love that they never stopped thinking of "What the schmigbop, what the dingleberry!?"

  25. Dan's random outbursts of screaming pain brings me the utmost joy

  26. Damn that's a lot of transformers collection

  27. Do you still need that matroplex I think it would be cool and sick and cool if I had it

  28. Funny funny that that line becomes a permanent Dan saying: you lied to me, in his Jewish moms accent

  29. I like that Ross takes the Grimlock toy with him when he left.
    "Why is this game about Ultra Magnus?" Asking the true questions. I have no clue why.

  30. wow holy shit i did it, i found an episode i actually missed from like seven years ago, and it's an absolute classic

  31. 1:02 all the games are just back on the shelf xDDD

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