Transformers: Mystery of Convoy - Game Grumps -

Transformers: Mystery of Convoy – Game Grumps

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I’m a truck now.
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  1. This has electric soldier porygon levels of epilepsy

  2. Did their NES just open up like a god damn lunch box?

  3. I bet Arin doesn't even remember anything from this entire video. His memory is pure garbage. I love him though, and way more than I should. It's unhealthy really.

  4. GAMEKNIGHT and the no good let’s plays says:

    Just the intro alone is worth it

  5. Stages of arin:
    1. wAaAt?
    2. Collecting them trans-Dan
    3. How about {insert transformers game}
    4. WHY!? (; – 😉
    5. No no no no no no
    6. Waaaaaaaahhhhhh
    7. *Battlekid flashbacks*

  6. Arin gets surprised when the vehicle transforms into a robot. Like, jeez, it's as if that robot was disguising itself as a vehicle. Like some kind of robot in disguise.

  7. because i was too busy collecting them transf dan

  8. Which Transformers: Animated toy is that on the left wall behind Dan in the beginning? I can't make it out.

  9. This game was from the 80's which was before seizure complaints were common.

    Yet the intro doesn't hurt my eyes for some reason.

  10. The title screen music reminds me of California Games for some reason.
    The Jester!!

  11. what worst
    Age of Extinction VS Last Knight?

  12. So going back to this I wonder if Arin is going to back the Unicron that's on Hasbro pulse through Haslabs. It'd be an amazing centerpiece.

  13. Because I was too busy uh collecting them, trans- Dan

  14. Shows Famicom cartridge, inserts it into American NES, revealed to be an emulator. That was a wild ride.

  15. You two have made the transfan community proud.

  16. why am i not affected by the seizure lights science plz

  17. Me seeing the many Transformers: TAKE MEEEE!!!!

  18. For a second there I thought that was ultra magnus

  19. Transformers armada on the ps2 was a solid game

  20. Looking up "What the smigbop" actually brought me here

  21. In Dan's own words in the newest episode. "I miss those days"

  22. he really is the video game boy, look at that COLLECTION!!

  23. Based off of this, I would love to see them play the E.T. Atari videogame

  24. Man never forget playing this back in the day, was so happy first booted it up and got that ASUS free 100gb of internet storage, I mean didn’t have internet back then, or a computer but still good marketing ASUS

  25. I miss those days of game grumps talking about transformers

  26. The game was so bad it broke the controller 😂

  27. God I remember going to the theaters for that…

  28. The amount of drugs that went into this game and production of this episode must have been astounding. I want whatever they had

  29. Dan screaming at the seizure colours is one of the fucking funniest shit ever <33

  30. I'd love to see them play the ET videogame for the Atari after seeing this

  31. i love how at 1:08 Dan tries putting a Famicom cartridge in an american NES, and accidentally(?) dislodges the top half of the system XD


  33. Use hold A B start it will continue 30 seconds 😉

  34. I've never laughed so hard in the first 3 minutes of a video in my life

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