Transformers Online 2021 | Development Complete?! | Reveal Coming Soon -

Transformers Online 2021 | Development Complete?! | Reveal Coming Soon

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Transformers online 2021. What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you an update on a game that’s essentially been in a mysterious state of limbo. And that is Transformers Online 2021. This thing was unofficially revealed 2 years ago and we have yet to hear from the actual source if its still coming out. And I had to do my own due diligence to keep you guys in the loop. Like its easy to forget this game exists when there’s hardly any mentions from credible sources. But occasionally there are a few interesting tidbits that give more details on what we could potentially be getting in this project. And today we have more info from a credible source, so we’re gonna talk about it today. But yeah guys as I was saying Transformers Online 2021 has been in a bit of a weird place. We’ve been getting leaks from various sources telling us what we can expect from this project that’s said to be an ambitious 1. From what we’ve told its said be a Triple A title that’ll be featured on consoles in the form of a 3rd person shooter. This information was disclosed following the recent announcement that Leyou was being acquired by Tencent. As part of the buyout, Leyou was legally required to publish several documents that detailed the company’s current projects. We had gotten details on how overall gameplay style would be in the same realm as Warframe which is super exciting if its true. Because as I’ve stated in my previous videos that’s the kind of style I would love to see in a Transformers title. A constant run and gun game that’s not only fun to play online but it actually has a solid campaign behind it.

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  1. Guess the name of the game.
    Me first : Transformers : Optimus Prime Trilogy

  2. We need a game like transformers war and fall of cybertron… Those were legends back then, we need them now…

  3. I dont know why they dont try the song you got the touch from the transformers movie it would be inspiring playing that song

  4. I loved playing transformers universe , hope this game come out soon to replace and make some awesome memories like that one ♥️♥️

  5. I can go to college, get married, have kids, and retire and this game still wouldn’t be released.


  7. I would like another game like fall of cybertron, I remember buying that game for the ps3 the month it released

  8. I hope they make it and I hope it comes out on Xbox one

  9. I hope there are many new and obscure characters.

  10. We really do need a Transformers game its been too long.
    I honestly want an open world TF gane that pushes things to the next level in Destruction Action, Shooting and the animation of transforming.

    I could see the game. I imagine you could do what you want. A huge open world pve pvp transformers game with next gen visuals and a 3rd person shooter that rivals anything that's been on the market for the past decade.

    It would blow people's minds. The vehicles models and graphics alike should look like something from Need for Speed 2015 or those high-end gta 5 mods.

    The quality of the game should aim to be movie level if not a step above.
    It would be insane. Even if we got a game that had a similar design philosophy to the Bumblebee movie with very clean overhauls of the classic characters.

    There even could melee fighting that challenges RDR2,s system. I'm just saying. Transformers is to much of a badass series to leave it dry. That's just money and opportunity waiting to be opened right there. I could say the sane for a series such as Godzilla. There needs to be a next gen Gidzilla gamebwith either new design or old designs or something like that all together. Giant monster destroying cities with Photorealistic graphics and destruction unlike anything else we've ever seen but no the last truly good Godzilla game was Godzilla Unleashed. Over a decade ago. Oof. I'm bout to learn Unreal because someone has to do these things .

  11. Would it be cool if they made a cac transfomers game. You can make your automotive or decepticon and a story with the autobots and make your own decisions and then there a online mode. And its a free roam game.

  12. Oh please be good and not just another cash grab…

  13. This game is dead….when they pull people off to other projects that's not a good sign especially since it's an online game and online games are a live service game and development usually continues even after the bulk of it is finished

  14. Wait… now I’m confused, is Transformers Online the same as Transformers Universe 😅😂😂

  15. Personally, I hope transformers online has a more movie verse look. I mean, the transformers movies are hat I grew up with as a kid, and I think they pretty cool and awesome.

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